Appreciate those who give you their time because they will never get it back

Appreciate those who give you their time because they will never get it back

Imagine that a bank credits your account with the sum of 86.400 euros every day. However, this balance does not remain unchanged. Every evening, the bank eliminates any amount that you have not used during the day.

What would you do?

Obviously, you withdraw down to the last penny.

Each of us has this bank. It is called TIME.

Every morning this bank credits you with 86.400 seconds, and every night it takes any amount you didn't invest in a good purpose.

This bank does not maintain a balance, nor does it allow replenishments.

He opens a new account for you every day. Every night clears the balance of the day.

If you do not use the money deposited, the loss is yours. You can't go back.

You can't move money into tomorrow's account, you have to live in the present with today's deposits.

Time passes, but we are often not fully aware of the importance of it, both of our own and that of the people around us. There are hundreds of daily actions that we don't value enough, from those minutes a co-worker or neighbor dedicates to us taking an interest in us to those pleasant moments of conversation offered by friends or partner. In fact, if we put them in perspective, we would realize that all these little signs of affection turn us into "affection millionaires".

Time is not expected, it is accepted as a gift

Unfortunately, we don't always appreciate enough the efforts made by others to make our life more bearable, to try to brighten up the day or just be on our side.

Sometimes we make the mistake of thinking it is their duty, when in reality it is a personal decision. If someone takes a few minutes to comfort us, encourage us or talk to us it is because they have chosen to do so. It's his way of telling us that he cares enough about us to give us some of his time.

Of course, we shouldn't make the mistake of forcing others to spend time with us either. When we meet someone we haven't seen in a long time, scoldings like "you never call me!" or "where were you missing?" they make no sense because they make him feel guilty and compromise all the beauty of the encounter. Instead, we should rejoice, and if we truly want an explanation, we should not fall into false assumptions or blame the other, but should just ask him what has happened during all this time.

We must remember that dedicating time is dedicating life, so it should be a spontaneous and natural act. Time is not begged, nor is it bought or demanded. It is a free choice. You certainly don't want to imprison someone next to you who wants to be somewhere else or with another person.

Whoever does us a favor, listens to us or accompanies us in good and bad times, is giving us a part of his life, our task is to be fully present so as not to waste this gift.

Don't share your life with anyone who doesn't appreciate your time

In the same way that we should value the time others spend with us, we must learn to be more jealous of our time. Every second that passes is a second that we cannot recover, so it makes no sense to give it to people who do not know how to value it.

Therefore, don't share your time with who:

- He does not want to be there with you and is present only for mere formality. Free him from this "responsibility", he will be happy and you will be happier too.

- Think in terms of "killing time" instead of "taking advantage of time", so he does nothing particularly valuable with his time and wants you to waste yours too.

- He is always focused on the mobile phone and forgets that you are next to him, so it is impossible to hold a conversation or emotionally connect with this person.

- He is always late and thinks you should always be available because your time is not as precious as his.

- Never has time when you need it, but asks for your presence when he / she is in need.

Remember that time is your most precious asset, be sure to spend it with those who appreciate you and reserve a special place for you in their life.

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