Anxiety in menopause: Keep it at bay with foods rich in zinc

Among the many properties of zinc there is also that of effectively relax the nervous system.

«The latest studies in this regard have shown the notable antidepressant activity of this substance, so much so as to suggest a supplementation of the mineral in support of traditional drug therapies.

But in case of minor ailments, like irritability, anxiety and nervousness, the quantity introduced with the normal diet is more than sufficient to reach the 9 and 12 mg of daily intake recommended by Sinu (Society of the country of human nutrition) for women and men respectively ", explains Giulia Sturabotti, medical expert in Nutrition, hygiene and preventive medicine in Rome.

A "certified" correlation

A survey by Australia's Deakin University, published in the journal Nutrients, analyzed the results of 11 international studies dedicated to the relationship between zinc and psyche: «All the researches examined have clarified that there is a close link between the quantity of mineral circulating in the organism and psychophysical balance.

Zinc is a excellent mood stabilizer and relieves symptoms of depression, especially if it is caused by the hormonal disorders that accompany menopause in women. A deficiency in this substance can also result in the Dag, i.e. generalized anxiety disorder, that emotional state often devoid of real motivations that favors restlessness, agitation, fear, the inability to control anxious thoughts and to relax », continues Giulia Sturabotti.

The foods to prefer

They are very rich in zinc legumes, cereals, seafood, but also cocoa and sesame.

«Beans & Co., however, also contain phytic acid, an antinutrient that it binds to the mineral and prevents its absorption. For this reason it is good practice to foresee a 10-12 hour soak and long cooking times (About 45 minutes): fermentation and heat disperse the acid. And for the same reason sesame seeds must be purchased already toasted»Warns our expert.

Fill up on these foods!


A 150g serving of these cooked legumes gives you 13,5mg of zinc.

Toasted wheat germ

You can find it in practical bags, to be used as breakfast cereals in milk or yogurt. A 30 g serving provides 5,5 mg of zinc.

Toasted sesame seeds

30 g, i.e. the amount corresponding to one serving, are enough to take 3,5 mg of zinc.

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