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Prevention is done at the table

It is good practice to always consider, throughout all the months of the year and throughout the seasons, those foods that are really good for you to the body, in particular the so-called anticancer foods.

Among pumpkins, chestnuts, mushrooms and green leafy vegetables of all sorts, winter is undoubtedly the season in which the table is enriched, but also the one during which cancer prevention plays its best cards at the table, his jokers and aces up his sleeve. 


Principles of a healthy diet

From the Veronesi Foundation website i essential principles for a balanced diet they see in the first place the daily intake of good doses of fruit and vegetables, to the detriment of dangerous animal fats, to be limited or avoided.

Furthermore, according to the Ministry of Health, an adequate consumption of fruit and vegetables would even change the world map of cardiovascular diseases.

As the site itself reports, with 600 grams of fruit and vegetables a day, over 135 deaths would be avoided, one third of coronary heart disease and 11 percent of ictus.

The famous "5 servings a day" they reach an average of 400 grams, the minimum recommended quantity, therefore, for a menu that can be defined as healthy.


The anticancer foods of the winter

It is now known, thanks also to the useful cancer prevention campaigns carried out by Airc that the cabbage family is in the top ten for the fight against cancer, here is the list of the main anticancer foods of the cold season:

> Cabbages and crucifers - broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower of all colors, cabbage, black cabbage - I'm a real one anti-cancer barrier, as shown by various researches, those who consume five or more servings a week of cabbage, thanks to the presence of substances called glucosinolates, see the risk of developing certain types of cancer reduced (Airc). The best thing is to eat them raw, or steamed or sautéed for a few minutes. 


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> Mushrooms: gThanks to the presence of certain polysaccharides, mushrooms are an important antitumor food source.

In addition to local mushrooms - chiodini, porcini mushrooms, champignons, orecchiette or mumps - there are also the Japanese enokitake and shiitake, now easily available dried also in supermarkets and villages and in exotic food shops, as well as via the web. 


> Citrus fruits: especially the oranges, but also mandarins, clementines, mapo, grapefruits - these are foods rich in vitamin C, an important source of well-being for the body. Excellent for the prevention of tumors in the digestive tract, citrus fruits facilitate the detoxification process from carcinogenic substances.

Don't use them just for juice, but indulge yourself with special orange salads, as the tasty Sicilian recipe of the salad with oranges, fennel and black olives teaches. 


> Chocolate: the cold arrives, chocolate peeps into our homes. This is not a bad habit, but, when it comes to dark chocolate, we are faced with a healthy dietary choice.

Very rich in polyphenols, chocolate does even better than the classic glass of red wine with a meal or a cup of green tea.

But pay attention to the percentage: do not go below 75-80% otherwise you risk filling up on calories too!


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