Antioxidant foods and the ORAC scale

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- antioxidants they are substances capable of protecting the body from the negative action of free radicals; antioxidant foods therefore have beneficial properties and are an important weapon of defense against cell damage which is the basis of many pathologies, including tumors, cardiovascular diseases and degenerative pathologies.


Antioxidant foods and ORAC scale

To quantify the antioxidant power of foods, the US Department of Agriculture developed the merges ORAC (Oxigen Radical Absorbance Capacity), assigning a score to foods based on their content of these substances. Attention, however: a high ORAC value does not necessarily correspond to a high bioavailability of the antioxidants contained in that particular food; we do not yet have reliable data on this issue.

Having said that, the foods that occupy the first places on the ORAC scale are certainly healthy foods, which should be part of a balanced and nutrient-rich diet. We have chosen three, of different colors, to emphasize that the color of the plants is an important element and is often indicative of the properties.   


Antioxidant vitamins, where are they found?

Blueberries, oranges, green cabbage among the antioxidant foods

Blueberries: in the ORAC scale they are second only toblack grapes. The bilberry is very rich in anthocyanins e tannins, like all blue fruits. Anthocyanins help fight the capillary fragility and to keep the heart muscle healthy. Beyond their antioxidant content, blueberries are known for theirs beneficial properties in the ophthalmology field.

Oranges: They are mostly known to be a good source of Vitamin C, substance capable of bringing numerous benefits to the body: it prevents the onset of colds and other viral ailments affecting the respiratory system, is an aid in cardiovascular prevention, helps the absorption of the iron contained in food, fights the action of free radicals. The orange color is given by the ancients, antioxidant substances. In addition, oranges contain esperdina, a flavonoid with anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties.

Green cabbage: contains isothiocyanates, substances that, according to some recent studies, would be able to help in the prevention of neoplasms, but also in the fight against the proliferation of some types of cancer cells, for example those of melanomas. Kale is also beneficial for heart health.

Introducing more antioxidant foods into the diet and, in general, consuming more vegetables, preferably from organic farming and respecting their seasonality, is an excellent way to stay healthy.


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