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Animation film about friendship

Last update: 10 September, 2022

We dedicate today's article to some animated films about friendship because friendship is as important for our health as a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, gymnastics or meditation. Friends inspire us to be better people, they energize us when we need a boost. They support us in critical moments and are close to us in moments of joy.

Friendships complete and fulfill different stages of our life. There are school friends and friends-colleagues with whom we share job responsibilities. Not all are the same: each friend is unique, his company gives a different color to parties, difficulties and even moments of boredom.

Why is friendship important?

As the years go by, our friends teach us to interact with others. From marriage to business relationships, communication is the key to success. The way we make our friendships changes over time. Adults don't make friends like children. This change, however, is made possible by the constant practice of communication and interaction offered by our friends.

The basis of all successful interpersonal relationships is friendship.

Cultivating friendship helps us protect our mental health, to manage stress. In addition to this, sharing positive situations with one or more friends increases the feeling of happiness.

Unfortunately, friends cannot cure our loneliness or depression, but they can give us strength. In difficult moments, through friendship we discover the value of care, of unconditional affection, the joy of sharing our emotions.

Finally, friends allow us to look at our problems from the right perspective. They don't let us drown in sadness. They will always want our happiness and will try to push us in the right direction. Here are some great animated films about friendship.

Share these movies with your friends or family, have fun with these animated friendship templates.

Animation film about friendship

Toy Story

Toy Story is the quintessential animated film about friendship, produced by Disney and Pixar in 2001. The protagonists are Andy's toys and come to life when no one looks at them. They are all friends, but the boss is Sheriff Woody, until a new toy arrives, space traveler Buzz Lightyear. Buzz and Woody can't stand each other and compete for leadership.

We're on the eve of Andy's family move. Woody tries to get rid of Buzz, but his plan takes an unexpected turn. Buzz, in fact, is captured by his neighbor, a very bad boy named Sid. His favorite pastime is torturing toys and dismembering them. At this point Buzz and Woody are forced to team up to save themselves. A group work creates a friendship between the two toys who will end up understanding that they have many things in common. Thanks to Woody's cunning and Buzz's skills, everyone manages to get back to their place, in time for the move.

Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo is the story of a kidnapping and Marlin's adventurous journey. Little Nemo is captured by a diver. Marlin, an overprotective father, must leave to save his son. Along the way, Marlin meets Dory, a memory-impaired female surgeonfish. Despite the differences in way of doing and thinking, a deep friendship is created between Marlin and Dory which allows them to save Nemo, who will grow up fighting for the same goal.

Lilo and Stitch

Little Lilo is a Hawaiian girl and her older sister Nani is her mother. The two sisters were orphaned after a car accident that killed both parents. Lilo, mocked by girls her age, desperately needs friendship. Fortunately, at the right moment, Stitch, an alien monster, arrives on earth.

Stitch, a bizarre wild creature, but small enough to be confused with a dog, ends up in a kennel and is adopted by Lilo. Both find what they need: Stitch receives a positive influence that transforms him into a civilized creature eager to protect his new family. Lilo finally finds a friend who makes her forget her loneliness and makes her laugh.

Dragon Trainer

Hiccup Horrendus Haddock III, the protagonist of this animated film about friendship, is a frail and sensitive boy with many problems adapting to the Viking life. One night, while the village is waging a fight against a group of ferocious dragons, Hiccup manages to injure the fastest: Night Fury.

In an attempt to prove to his father that he has what it takes to be a true Viking, Hiccup enters the woods, determined to find and kill Night Fury. He will not succeed: soon the boy will realize that the dragon can no longer fly due to the wound it caused and decides to feed and heal it. Hiccup and his dragon, Toothless, and form a friendship that transcends the limits of human language. Their couple is proof that friendship and support can come from anywhere.

Koda, bear brother

Koda, Brother Bear is a 2003 cartoon directed by Aaron Blaise. We are in North America, in the post-Ice Age era. Young Kenai is tired of being considered a child, he is anxious to become a man. This step is made possible by a sacred ceremony during which a totem is assigned that defines the adult actions of the village members. Kenai, however, is very disappointed to see that his totem is the bear of love.

After a confrontation with a big bear, Kenai's older brother dies. The boy thus decides to leave to take revenge: finds the bear responsible for his brother's death and kills him. The Higher Spirits punish him by transforming him into a bear. Kenai will have to embark on a long journey through nature to be able to break the spell.

Companion of this adventure is Koda, a bear cub. Kenai reluctant as he is, must accept Koda's company, because he knows the way to the home of the Higher Spirits. It will be along this journey that Kenai will learn what it means to be an adult, the value of friendship and will discover that he has affection for the little bear. 

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