Amaranth: 10 recipes to enjoy it at its best

We have told you several times aboutamaranth, a food to be rediscovered, rich in beneficial properties and able to resist Monsanto's Roundup herbicide. You can find amaranth both in organic products shops and supermarkets.

It comes in very small grains and you can cook it simply by boiling it like pasta or rice, following the instructions you will find on the packaging. After cooking it, you can use amaranth in many recipes.


Amaranth salad with red onions, cucumbers and legumes


You can use amaranth to prepare your summer and spring salads. You can dress yours amaranth salad with onions, cucumbers, legumes, such as chickpeas or beans, peas, pine nuts, hazelnuts, feta or tofu, to obtain a truly rich single dish. THU the complete recipe.

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Tomatoes stuffed with amaranth


We can choose amaranth for the preparation of stuffed tomatoes as an alternative to the classic rice. For the tomato filling you can combine amaranth with your favorite ingredients, such as corn, peas or carrots, but also mushrooms and zucchini. THU the complete recipe.

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Vegetable meatballs of amaranth

Amaranth is an ideal ingredient for making Meatballs truly original and completely vegetable. You will need to use boiled amaranth, a small steamed potato and some ginger to flavor. Here the complete recipe.

Amaranth flans with walnuts and raisins

From Vegan Blog here is a greedy idea to prepare some amaranth flans with walnuts and raisins. You can flavor them with chopped turnip greens and crushed garlic. You can decorate the flans with sprouts, such as flax seeds. THU the complete recipe.

Single dish of chickpeas and amaranth


With amaranth and chickpeas you can prepare a single dish and rich in proteins, to be seasoned simply with a squeeze of lemon and with mint and fresh basil. You can add a finely chopped cucumber, a spring onion into slices and a stalk of celery into slices. THU the complete recipe.

Veg burger with amaranth and lentils


Vale's Easy Vegan Recipes blog explains how to prepare excellent ones amaranth veg burger and lentils, which will be perfect both as a main course and to fill sandwiches for packed lunches. In addition to the main ingredients, you will only need carrots, herbs in your city and breadcrumbs. THU the complete recipe.

Amaranth and chocolate biscuits


Amaranth not only for first or second courses, but also for desserts, like gods chocolate cookies in version vegan to be enjoyed at breakfast or as a snack. Rolling Beans explains how to prepare excellent amaranth and chocolate biscuits. THU the complete recipe.

Amaranth with saffron

Here is now a very unusual version of amaranth, which replaces the common rice for the preparation of a first course with saffron. To prepare the saffron amaranth you will also need onion, sesame, parsley and zucchini. Here the complete recipe.

Amaranth and pumpkin soup


To prepare this dish with an autumnal atmosphere you will have to wait for the pumpkin season. You will have to boil the amaranth and separately prepare the pumpkin, which you can cook together with other vegetables, such as carrots, onions or leeks. Then you can combine the two ingredients or serve them on separate plates, to be mixed as desired. THU the complete recipe.

Rice and amaranth with vegetables


One last idea for cooking amaranth. You can combine it with rice for the preparation of a quick and nutritious first course to be enriched with vegetables, for example with carrots and onions, adding a clove of garlic to flavor everything. THU the complete recipe.



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