Aloe, a health elixir

by Claudia Bortolato

A recent Future Market Insights report (futuremarketinsights), also reported by the Canadian media, revealed that the worldwide turnover for thealoe vera forecast for 2016 will be around 1,6 billion US dollars and that by 2026 it will exceed 3,3 billion.

A success due not only to the increasingly widespread purchase of products cosmetics with this ingredient, but also to the consumption of supplements and food products.

In fact, drunk in diluted juice, as supermodel Miranda Kerr usually does for breakfast, the aloe gel acts positively on the organism and, in particular, on the skin and digestive system.

Angelo Bianco, a spa doctor and specialist in nutrition science in Abano Terme (PD), explains its benefits to us, with a warning: "Strictly stick to the recommended doses and, if you suffer from gastrointestinal disorders, ask your doctor for approval before taking the product ».

FIGHT DIGESTIVE DISORDERS - "Thanks to the probiotic action on the intestine and the emollient action on the membranes, aloe gel counteracts heartburn, gastric acidity and colon irritability », explains Dr. Bianco. 

IT IS ANTI-AGING AND SOOTHING - Since it stimulates collagen and elastin, also drunk aloe has an anti-wrinkle effect and anti-aging in general. «Furthermore, aloe is also for internal use is a good moisturizer, soothing, restorative and anti-inflammatory for the skin », says the expert. 

HAS DETOX EFFECTS - Being rich in many biologically active enzymes and improving the functionality of the intestine, aloe gel it is detoxifying. "For a purifying treatment, for a month, take one or two tablespoons of aloe juice, one to three times a day on an empty stomach," advises the doctor. 

IT IS A GOOD ADJUVANT IN THE DIET - Thanks to chromium, zinc and manganese, as well as inositol and phytosterols, the aloe gel helps regulate blood sugar levels and fat metabolism. «For this it helps to burn calories and to contain glycemic peaks, promoting weight loss as a support to a slimming regime », concludes Angelo Bianco.


➔ full of Vitamins - The aloe gel for food use is deprived of anthraquinones, which have important laxative effects, while it contains various vitamins (A, E, C and group B), enzymes, minerals and essential amino acids, as well as flavonoids (antioxidants). 

➔ rich in polysaccharides - "A peculiarity is the presence of polysaccharides (in particular from acemannan), which in addition to stimulating the immunitary defense they favor the synthesis of collagen and elastin ”, explains Angelo Bianco, a spa doctor and specialist in nutrition science.

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