Almonds, the anti-stress properties

Almonds, the anti-stress properties

by Valeria Ghitti

Rich in minerals, vitamins and monounsaturated fats, almonds are good from oilseeds nibble as they are or as an ingredient in sweet and savory dishes. They are caloric, but if you consume them small quantities (7-10 per day) you can also eat them daily, and you will help yours psychophysical balance.


«The almonds are sources of tryptophan, amino acid precursor of two neurotransmitters: the Serotonin, which brings about a sense of well-being by reducing anxiety, and the melatonin, which reconciles sleep », explains Dr. Anna D'Eugenio, nutritionist.

«Also, thanks to the good presence of Omega 3, magnesium e B vitamins, all nutrients that rebalance several neuronal functions, almonds support the nervous systemContinues the expert. In the dark skin that surrounds them, then, there is lithium, a trace element that regulates the mood.


«You can eat 7-8 (unpeeled) in moments of particular mental and physical commitment, at work or when you have an important exam, or when you feel stressed and nervous », explains the doctor. 

"Added at the end of the evening meal, however, they induce sleep and free you from anxieties, worries and muscle stiffness accumulated during the day, thanks to thecalming effect on heart rhythm and muscle relaxation, conferred by magnesium, calcium and potassium », explains the expert.


Any menu that enhances the relaxing action? «You can consume a dish of pasta with garlic, oil and chilli, boiled cabbage and finish with a cooked apple with the addition of 7-8 almonds. Or pasta and chickpeas, with a side of salad and a dozen almonds », advises Dr. D'Eugenio.


One pound of almonds provides 55,3 g of fat, 780 mg of potassium, 264 mg of magnesium, 240 mg of calcium, 26 mg of vitamin E, 3 mg of vitamin B3 and 603 calories.


The ideal is to buy almonds in their shells. If you buy them ready for consumption, avoid bulk products: in contact with the air, the unsaturated fatty acids they are rich in oxidize quickly.

The risk of buying rancid seeds (with an unpleasant smell and taste) is therefore greater. Remember to keep the almonds away from light, in closed containers. 

Almonds, discover the anti-stress properties

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