Almonds, properties and how to use them

Le almonds, seeds of the almond tree (Prunus dulcis), are oilseeds rich in Vitamins e minerals. They help keep the heart, arteries and bones healthy, and are also a good natural remedy against l'anemia. Let's find out better.

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Main nutrients of almonds

Set up for the 50% from fat monounsaturated and polyunsaturated, the almonds I'm a valuable source of energy and have a high calorific value (100 grams of almonds contain 600 kcal), for this reason they should be consumed sparingly.

Almonds are a precious reserve of Vitamin E and mineral salts, especially of magnesium, iron and calcium.
Among the oilseeds they are those that boast the highest fiber content (12%).



Le almonds are the queens of dried fruit: they are a real cure-all and a precious natural contribution to fight and prevent numerous pathologies.

Thanks to the high percentage of "good" fats, almonds are among the most important anti-cholesterol foods because lower the level of blood cholesterol, contributing to health of arteries e heart.

I'm a powerful natural antioxidant, preserve the youth, the beauty of the skin and the well-being of the hair.
Thanks to the high amounts of iron they are a good remedy for anemia, while calcium makes them valuable for bone health.

Some studies have also shown that almonds have positive effects on those suffering from diabetes type 2, improving insulin sensitivity.

A oil widely used in natural cosmetics for its soothing and emollient properties.


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Almonds in the kitchen

Almonds, in addition to being a natural medicine, really are very good.
Their use in the kitchen is very varied: they are used to make desserts but also to prepare savory recipes. They are very popular as a snack, natural or toasted in the oven.

From the grinding of the peeled dried almonds, it is obtained almond flour, rich in proteins, sugars and vitamin E.

In the regions of the southern country, almonds are the protagonists of many gastronomic preparations, let's think for example of almond paste or marzipan, also called pasta reale (because it is worthy of a king!).

A fairly common drink prepared with these tasty seeds is the almond milk: delicious and nutritious, it is perfect as a milk substitute for infants suffering from cow's milk intolerance or for those following a vegan diet.
Almond milk is often confused with barley, which is a sweet benzoin-based drink.



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