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Almonds in your daily diet

Le almonds, intended as seeds of the almond seed or Prunus dulcis, not to be confused with bitter almonds, are an optimal food, to be considered and integrate into everyday diet.

The point is that it is not always easy to remember to take them, but knot your handkerchief for the first few days, then just get used to them: instead of industrial products, biscuits or prepackaged carbohydrates, consider taking a small bag of oilseeds and mixed nuts, including almonds, to work.

Almonds help keep in good health heart, arteries and bones; are good for skin and hair and I'm one precious source of energy: let's find out how good it is to eat them every day and how you can cook in simple and quick recipes. 


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A handful of almonds a day 

If on the one hand they are good, on the other the almonds are good consume sparingly.

The ideal dose for a healthy adult is represented by about fifteen almonds a day, more or less 30/35 g, to simplify, a handful.

We must not exaggerate though: 40 g per day should not be exceeded, Then 20/25 almonds maximum, because they can bring too many calories or be harmful for those suffering from some particular pathology. 

As reported by Medical News Today, a study carried out by the Journal of the American Dietetic Association would show that eating almonds can significantly boost levels of Vitamin E in the diet and then in the blood and have beneficial effects for the body.

Even better if eaten with the peel, almonds represent in fact a precious source of vitamin E, mineral salts, proteins and fibers and help to fight numerous diseases, such as hypertension o metabolic dysfunctions, rich as they are of Omega 3 e essential fatty acids for heart health.

Natural antioxidants, almonds are allies of skin and hair and represent a valid supplement for sportsmen, but also for those who follow vegan or vegetarian diets.

As the book teaches "Ayurvedic pharmacy: natural remedies to prepare at home"by Vinod Verma, consuming 10/15 almonds in the morning, left to soak overnight, can also help against menstrual pain.



Almonds in recipes

In addition to taking a handful of almonds to work, to habitually integrate them before sporting activity or to nibble when you go to the cinema, dried fruit of this type can be integrated in the daily diet also in function of the recipes, here are some ideas for yours almond menu


> Almond pesto: just add a dozen to the oil, basil and, if you want, garlic and pecorino to make an original and tasty variant of pasta;

> almond butter: a simple recipe for a precious ingredient for your desserts and for whipping risottos in a healthy and nutritious way;

> flakes almonds for your dishes: they can be sautéed together with stewed seasonal vegetables or second courses based on meat or vegetable proteins, with seitan or tofu; alternatively they can enrich and crunch your fresh summer salads;

> sweet almond "juices": in the summer, don't forget to make delicious smoothies or milkshakes with chopped sweet almonds, perhaps adding yogurt and fresh fruit, such as pears; alternatively, learn to self-produce a superlative almond granita!


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