Agretti: 10 tasty recipes to try

- agretti - also known as friar beards or mustard of the monks - they are typical of the spring season and are an ingredient with excellent nutritional properties to be used for many recipes in the kitchen. The agretti they are rich in vitamins and minerals, such as potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron. You can find agretti at the market or supermarket. Here are many ideas to use them at their best in your cooking recipes.


Turmeric bulgur with agretti

Potato and agretti tart (gluten-free recipe)

The potato tart with agretti is a very tasty vegetarian second course, perfect to be eaten both warm and at room temperature. It is in fact a gluten-free alternative to the classic savory pies, usually prepared with brisee or puff pastry. Easy to perform, the potato tart with agretti it can also be prepared a few hours in advance, and then heated before being served; otherwise you can cook the potatoes and agretti in advance, and then later assemble everything for cooking in the oven. Here you will find the recipe with the complete steps.

Turmeric bulgur with agretti is a very simple dish to prepare, but at the same time very tasty. You can cook the agretti both steamed and in a pan and then add sesame seeds and walnut kernels. Here is the complete recipe to follow step by step.

Focaccia stuffed with agretti (recipe with sourdough)

The focaccia stuffed with agretti is a very tasty leavened filling perfect to be served on different occasions. To be consumed both lukewarm and at room temperature, it is also the ideal solution for your meals away from home.

Prepared with surplus sourdough, focaccia with agretti it is soft, fragrant and with an irresistibly delicate flavor. Therefore perfect for young and old, you can also flavor the filling more by adding a little pepper if obviously it will be served only to adult diners. The preparation of focaccia con agretti is not long, using the surplus of sourdough in fact there is no need for long leavening and in a short time then you will be able to churn out this delicacy. Here the complete recipe.

Agretti tagliatelle, feta and walnuts

Those who love to prepare fresh pasta at home can be inspired by the recipe of tagliatelle with agretti of La Cucina Imperfetta to introduce a variation in your menu. You will need to boil the agretti for a few minutes before adding them to the feta and walnuts to form the sauce for the tagliatelle. THU recipe.

Omelette with agretti

The Chef Is On The Table suggests one of the simplest to taste agretti, that is classic omelette, together with some variations for the filling and for cooking the agretti together with other ingredients, such as seaweed, which you will have to find in water before cooking. THU the indications for the preparation. Here the recipe of the omelette with agretti.

Baked potatoes stuffed with agretti

A very simple recipe to prepare, this potato stuffed with agretti, just empty and cook the potatoes and stuff them with agretti and stracchino, or you can use vegetable cheese. Here is the complete recipe to follow step by step.

Agretti with black olives and parsley

You can also choose agretti to prepare a quick spring outline, as the Contemporaneo Food blog suggests. Just cook the agretti briefly in a pan with the fresh parsley, add some Ligurian black olives and season with salt and pepper. Here the complete recipe.

Crepes with agretti

Agretti will be a perfect filling for yours homemade crepes. You will enrich the filling with pears and walnuts, as suggested by the blog Greta's Corner. You can prepare both the base for the crepes and the bread dough to accompany them at home, to be garnished with sunflower and sesame seeds. THU the complete recipe.

Potato focaccia with agretti and cherry tomatoes

From the blog Ricotta Che Passione here is a recipe with a spring flavor to prepare an excellent one Potato Focaccia, which you can dress with agretti and cherry tomatoes. Before starting the preparation, you will need to boil the potatoes, in order to add them to the focaccia dough. THU the complete recipe.

Spaghetti With Agretti

Finally, here is a quick recipe useful for varying the seasoning of your spaghetti dish. The Laura In Cucina blog proposes to boil the agretti and prepare one sauce for the pasta combining them with shallots, oil, salt and cherry tomatoes. You can boil the spaghetti in the same cooking water of the agretti. THU the complete recipe.

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