Age calculation

Definition and Age Groups

We can define the age of an individual as the time elapsed since his birth. During this period of time the natural process of growth, maturation and involution of the various human qualities and abilities takes place. In this regard, the life cycle is divided into various age groups:


Neonate up to 28 days of life
Infant from 4 weeks to the year of life

Early childhood:

from 1 to 24 months of life
Second childhood from 2 to 6 years

Third childhood

(childhood, school age)

from 6 years until the onset of puberty
Puberty and Adolescence from the appearance of sexual characteristics up to about 22 years
Pediatric age from 0 to 14 years

Early adulthood 22 39-years
Second adulthood 40 59-years
Third Age 60 75-years
Fourth age 75 90-years
Fifth age > 90 years
NOTE: the temporal classification of the stages of the human life cycle may vary slightly depending on the sources consulted.
The chronological age does not always coincide with the biological age; a sporty forty year old, for example, may have a biological age of 30, vice versa, an obese and sedantary thirty year old may have a biological age of 40. Similarly, a boy may have early or delayed puberty.

Age Calculation

Age calculationAnswer the question "What is your age?" it is quite simple, since it is understood that our interlocutor wants to know how old we are. But what if they asked us to express our age in months or even worse in minutes? The following calculation module performs the necessary conversions, saving the visitor from intrigued mental calculations. The only care is to insert the date of birth in the following format mm / dd / yy. For example, if we were born on January 20, 1980, we should enter 01/20/1980 as the date of birth.

Birthday   month / day / year
Age on date:   month / day / year
years months
  = ore
  = minutes



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