After so much pain, I enjoy life

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After so much pain, I enjoy life

Last update: October 27, 2015

“You have to have confidence in yourself. That's all the secret. Even when I was in the orphanage and walked the streets looking for something to eat to make a living, even then, I considered myself the greatest actor in the world. Without absolute self-confidence, we are all doomed to failure. "

“Life is a play that does not admit rehearsals. Therefore, sing, dance, laugh, cry and live intensely every moment of your life, before the curtain falls and the opera ends without applause. "

(Charlie Chaplin)

There comes a time in the life of each of us where we are fed up with dramas, of ours, of those that we have mounted in our heads and of those around us.

We are also tired of evaluating ourselves, to mull over the mistakes of the past and to open wounds that make us seem masochists.

There are people who know how to always be balanced and who do not turn their life into a vale of tears. Others, however, that valley of tears have turned it far and wide, and they have no idea what perfection is.

Suddenly, in some people a feeling of annoyance appears, a profound laziness in following the same path too strong emotions; this happens because we can't take it anymore, or because we have realized that tolerating these things is useless.

Our energy is gone.

If that's how you feel, don't worry. You are preparing for a new stage in your life which is going to be fantastic.

  • You will begin to act because you really want to do something, and not to please others.
  • If that person does not call or write to you, you will not think that there is something wrong with you. You will think that that individual is not for you and you will move on with a new and wonderful indifference.
  • You will think less and feel more.
  • You will begin to appreciate the small pleasures in life.
  • You will close certain stages with a large door and throw away the key.
  • You will no longer think that you are selfish.
  • You will stop comparing yourself to others; you are the mirror in which to look to correct and progress, you are the reference to improve your life.
  • You will be grateful for constructive criticism and will learn how to do it too.
  • You will be resolute enough not to go to parties you don't want to go to, with people you don't like.
  • You will give without expecting anything in return, and you will discover where the boundary lies between generosity and interest.
  • You will stop paying attention to comments and denigrations. You will spend your time planning important things.
  • You will improve in all the goals you have set for yourself, because you will know that if you don't make them, no one will do it for you.
  • There is no point in being the victims. You will take over the reins of your life and you will stoically accept defeats. They are only about you, you don't have to justify yourself.
  • You will ask for help only when you know that it is possible to do so and you will only do it with people with a pure heart.
  • There are few friends who instill calm and security. Having too many is not synonymous with good company.
  • Your values ​​will be sharper every day.
  • You will replace sloth with will.
  • You will use technology to communicate, you will not be his slave.
  • You will archive the destructive criticisms.

You may be wondering how you spent so much time with people who, in reality, didn't care. How could you have been influenced in such an intimate way by certain comments. However, this self-delusion will only last a few minutes, because then you will realize how happy you are now.

You will have problems, but your experience will help you relativize and solve them. You will not be worried because you will act.

Maybe you didn't deserve so many disappointments in life, but you have to reflect on the fact that all this pain has now turned into maturity, calm and serenity.

"And now, at this time in my life, I want almost nothing. I just want the tenderness of my love and the fantastic company of my friends. A little laugh and a few words of love before going to sleep. The sweet memory of my dead. A couple of trees beyond the windows and a patch of sky from which I can admire the light of day and night. The best verses in the world and the most beautiful of melodies. For the rest, I could eat boiled potatoes and sleep on the floor, if my conscience is clear. "

(Angeles Case)

Now that you are happy to know yourself and others, you will become irresistible to other people. Because there is nothing more magnetic than feeling good about yourself and your mind.

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