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    Advice for studying to a stuck engineering student

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    Louise Hay

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    Hi Andrea

    here is a series of notes on the things you told me:

    Study 19 hours a day!

    Mind maps

    I think they waste your time. In fact, it is a very useful tool for the creative part, but precisely because they are somewhat unstructured (as they are formed by “free” associations) in my opinion they are not suitable for a systematic study such as engineering.

    Tomato technique

    Read quickly



    Another tip on exam anxiety

    We now come to the study method.

    There is a lot of stuff on my blog that you can read. But don't go into advanced memory techniques, because rthey take time and effort that at this moment I advise you against investing.

    You are not in the right position to do this.

    • Simple monitoring and scheduling tools (diary, priority check, post it)
    • Schemes (as seen above)
    • Tomato (as indicated above)
    • Questions - answer (as indicated above)
    • Concentration (see blog article, book)
    • Relaxation: continue with your breathing, as you already do


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