Admit it, you are beautiful people

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Admit it, you are beautiful people

Last update: January 08, 2016

Beautiful people are found everywhere, because each of us exudes beauty. Through our sensitivity, the expression of our emotions, the love we share, and every single action that comes from our infinite goodness.

Nature itself has given us the gift of beauty, which is something intrinsic to the human being. A fundamental aspect, shared by all of us. Beauty does not belong to a few, and it is not reserved for a small number of the privileged. It is found in each of us, and we all have the ability to explore and discover it.

"Beauty is appreciation, sensitivity towards everything that surrounds us: nature, people, ideas."

-Jiddu Krishnamurti-

There are no more or less beautiful people, there are simply those who investigate more into their own nature and are able to observe and manifest all the beauty that is found within themselves. Making their life an experience worthy of admiration, thanks to the goodness and love that they are able to keep within themselves and transmit.

You are beautiful people, observe yourself

Observe yourselves, you will see in front of you a person who has had to walk countless paths in the course of his life. Your path has been studded with difficulties since birth. You have faced the pain, the suffering, the frustration, the loneliness; you have made many difficult decisions, always giving your best.

You have had to deal with yourself, with your indecisions, your emotions, your feelings; with all that you have lived and experienced that has made you the person you are today, increasing your awareness of yourself and the world around you. You have earned the sensitivity that today allows you to appreciate all the beauty that surrounds you.

“The most beautiful people I have met in life are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way to emerge from the abyss. These people have an appreciation, sensitivity, and understanding in life that fills them with compassion, humility, and a deep, loving restlessness. Beautiful people are not born out of nowhere. "

-Elisabeth Kubler-Ross-

Listen to yourself and you will be surprised

Listen to yourselves, you have acquired a special sensitivity to give meaning and value to everything you live, to appreciate every moment, because you know that it is unique and special.. You just have to listen to yourself, take care of yourself and trust what you feel. All the beauty that you can perceive around you is the fruit of what is inside you.

“Everyone wants to be beautiful, but since they don't know how to do it, they keep putting on makeup, changing their hair, wearing one dress rather than another, going on a diet, and using every possible method to achieve beauty. But they don't know that all this is of little use. Beauty is an inner quality. And when it is there, when it is discovered, it begins to radiate from your body, from your mind, from everything that is part of you. When you have inner beauty, everything becomes more beautiful.


You will be able to recognize and perceive your beauty better only when you are able to listen to yourself, to take you into consideration, to pay attention to your needs. Being a beautiful person does not depend on anything or anyone but yourself. It is your responsibility.

Be grateful for your beauty

Being grateful for who we are and what we have is a display of humility and compassion, which will lead us to accept ourselves for who we are. So, we will be able to forgive and reconcile ourselves with all that we do not like about ourselves, and that we often reject.

Beauty is found in your attitude, in your thoughts, in your ideas, in your beliefs, in everything you share with others, in your ability to overcome, in your will to live. In all the emotions and feelings you have, in everything you do with your heart. Everything within you is beauty.

Observe yourselves, listen to each other and admit it: you are beautiful people, worthy of love and affection. You deserve your respect, your admiration and your compassion. Do not chastise yourselves, do not mistreat yourselves, and do not demand more of yourself than is necessary. Your value as a person is more important than anything else. You are life, and it is your job to take care of it.


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