Addiction to pornography

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Addiction to pornography

Pornography has increased with the arrival of new technologies. The easy accessibility, convenience and anonymity have favored an exponential increase in its consumption, consequently also the dependence on it.

Last update: January 29, 2022

Most of us now use the internet routinely as a primary source of information as well as a means of communication and socialization. Over the past decade, the use of pornography on the internet has become a popular phenomenon (Mayer, 2011), much to the extent that speak in some cases of addiction to pornography.

Most people use pornography for fun, however for some it turns into a habit that generates addiction and out of control behavior (Gola, 2016), which can end up generating a pornography addiction.

We speak of pornography referring to audiovisual material that explicitly presents sexual and genital activities with the aim of arousing the viewer. The arrival of new technologies has brought with it an increase in the viewing of this material and, at times, the consequent addiction to pornographersa, since accessing it is much easier, faster and apparently anonymous.

According to Joyce (2008), regulating access to web pornography has proved a particularly difficult task for the legislators of the international communities. This is largely due to its fickle nature and the electronic medium in which it resides, which is constantly changing.

“Legend has it that each new technology was used for the first time for reasons related to sex or pornography. This seems to be the path of humanity. "

-Tim Berners-Lee-

Let's explore the topic of pornography

Peter and Valkenbur (2010) define pornography as professionally produced sexually explicit material whose goal is to sexually arouse the viewer.

People with pornography addiction can spend long periods viewing pornographic images, videos, and other material, which is what it can generate a state of social isolation, as well as cause deep depression, neurosis and unpredictable mood swings.

The consumption of online pornography is so widespread in Western society that many children start using it around the age of 10. While it doesn't seem to be too much of a problem, it has been shown that abuse can cause harmful effects to the brain.

There is no profile of the typical user; it is a widespread custom that can have a positive aspect (for certain communities, for people with reduced social skills, to complete sexual life) and a negative aspect (addiction, loss of control, couple and family problems). Apparently the complications are few.

Internet pornography allows voyeurism, the viewing of any practice, the use of real non-professional models and the spying of our habits through IP codes. These online sexual activities appear to be fueled by high accessibility and anonymity.

"Vices arrive as passengers, visit us as guests and remain as masters"


When can we talk about pornography addiction?

The person addicted to pornography gradually degenerates and tries to practice everything he sees, as in the case of Teb Bundy (Michaud and Aynesworth, 2022); addicted people who do not have a partner may find it difficult to relate to people of the opposite sex; they may present with acute depression, guilt, and social isolation.

Usually it is very difficult to recognize one's addiction, to the point of justifying and hiding one's behavior, making it more difficult to get help from a professional.

When he realizes that the partner does not adopt the same attitudes as the actors on stage, the person addicted to pornography can be so disappointed that he no longer feels satisfaction in the intimate relationship.

According to research carried out by Velasco, A. and Gil, V (2017), it was concluded that addiction to pornography can cause physical and psychological problems comparable to those derived from the consumption of cocaine, marijuana and other psychoactive substances.

Is there a strategy to combat this addiction?

Here are some techniques that could help prevent and fight porn addiction, especially in teens:

  • Avoid listening and visualizing sexually explicit content on audiovisual media (internet, radio, television, telephone…).
  • Restrict theminternet access indoors (installing anti-pornographic programs on computers and mobile phones).
  • Make them do sporting or recreational activity.
  • Keep one active social and spiritual life.
  • In extreme cases, seek help from a psychotherapist or to a specialist experienced in sexual addictions.

In any case, the first advisable measure to solve the problem of pornography addiction is to seek the help of a professional (psychologist or psychotherapist). This will be the best method for a real solution to the problem.

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