Accepting the past: living without remorse

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to the extent that we advance in the line of life we ​​are making new ones
experiences, but at the same time we are forced to abandon some
parts of our life. I like to imagine life as a moving train
perpetual. Sometimes we share the journey with other people who have taken the
our same train but other times in one station rather than another
these people get off, sometimes they come back to catch our train and
sharing experiences with us at other times we will have to get used to continuing without
of them.

DON'T accept the past and how
get off at a station and don't leave because we are waiting for one
person who will probably never come. Craving is the trap of the past
to accept the past and move on can be determined by many
factors, but one of the main ones is craving. Normally the people I am
trapped in their past they yearn and long for their old women
habits, especially when the present isn't as rewarding as it is
previous experience. For
example, many people continually relive an old couple relationship that
it gave him a lot of emotional satisfaction. So,
even if they are in a new relationship, they keep going back to the past and
they compare it with the present. However, while the person remains chained to the
I remember, he will not be able to fully live the present that, surely, it can offer
different but equally rewarding experiences. The
people accustomed to longing for the past wish to relive the ancient ones over and over again
positive feelings as they think that only these will give them one
real satisfaction. However, they don't realize that there are many
different new sensations that can give great happiness. In other words, yes
act like a child who has tried an ice cream he likes so much and in
later he decides to always choose this flavor without daring to give himself the opportunity
to try other flavors. Obviously,
in the end the longing for the past ends causing more harm than good;
especially when the person realizes that it is impossible to go back
over time by simply moving the hands of the clock. Too heavy loads
people are unable to move on and accept the past because they try
strong feelings of guilt, failure and inability. These normally are
associated with the loss of a loved one, accidents or decisions
important, for which the person feels responsible. In this case, the
person does not get to accept that the conditions of his life have changed
and continually goes back to the past in a vain attempt to find a solution. Also
if it may seem counterintuitive, in reality people do not accept the past,
in the first place, because they do not accept the present, since this results to them
unfair and feel unhappy. In this way, the past is transformed into one
escape route to avoid having to face everyday life. If we add to this
some personality characteristics such as the tendency to perfectionism, one
too rigid self-critical posture and the tendency to victimize oneself, then
we will get an explosive mixture that will force us to always look to the past. How do you accept the past?
Understanding and accepting life as a constantly moving stream, with i
its ups and downs, which takes us on different paths but each of these with the
its positive aspects. 2.
Understanding that mistakes are part of learning and that it doesn't help
nothing to blame for the same. The really important thing is to take an attitude
proactive and do not return to commit the same. 3.
Stopping comparing the present to the past and focusing on the aspects
positive aspects of the current situation we are experiencing. 4.
Allowing ourselves the time to get used to the changes by accepting little to
little all the new things that entail. 5.
Trusting in the future. Life always offers new magical situations but
we are the ones in charge of extracting this magic from every experience. There
confidence in our abilities and that the course of life will carry us
new positive experiences is essential to continue on the journey.
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