Accept your bad mood to avoid emotional problems

Accept your bad mood to avoid emotional problemsIn general, be of very bad mood it is not fun, nor is it good for our mental and emotional health. People who try negative emotions like anger, anxiety and sadness, they often have poorer social lives and poorer long-term health. This indicates that the negative moods They end up passing us the bill. But now a new study by Johannes Gutenberg University researchers reveals that negative moods don't have the same effect on everyone. In fact, those who take them as an experience that brings value by managing to give it meaning, can also benefit from these situations. Again, it all depends on the perspective.

Put the best face on bad luck: It all depends on attitude

These psychologists interviewed 365 people to analyze their attitudes towards negative and positive emotions, as well as to assess their physical and mental health. The researchers also tracked the participants' moods over a three-week period, using their smartphones.Six times a day, for nine days, each person had to indicate how they were feeling at the time, indicating their state of mind, from the joy and excitement to anger and disappointment. So the psychologists established a profile of each person's habitual state of mind, establishing a link with their physical and mental health, and in this way they discovered that the most important thing was not the state of mind itself but the attitude that everyone had in front of these "negative" emotions. Those who expressed negative attitudes towards bad mood paid a high price: the more negative moods they indicated, the worse the physical and emotional health. However, people who displayed a positive attitude towards bad mood did not display these problems.

How can these results be interpreted? Is attitude really that important?

These psychologists think that recognizing the value and meaning of negative moods and emotions helps us to control them. In practice, understanding them and not having such a negative image of them allows us to soften their impact, reducing their intensity and duration.

Accept and understand: The keys to why negative emotions do not harm us

Surely no one wants to be in a bad mood, and it would be much better to boost positive moods. But it is impossible not to experience negative moods from time to time, so it is essential to learn how to deal with them in the best possible way. This means that we should not understand “negative” emotions as enemies, but we should simply listen to their message. When we accept these emotions we can get rid of them faster to regain our emotional balance.In fact, sometimes anger can make us more responsible and sadness can be so moving that it helps us to get closer to others. Each emotion has its own logic, but if you don't understand it and keep fighting it, it will only generate frustration and tension, all of which can become more harmful than the emotion itself. 
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