Acai berries: properties, nutritional values, calories

Le acai berries, fruit native to the Amazon, are rich in polyphenols and acids such as omega 3. Very useful for sportsmen and for those who want to lose weight, they have strong antioxidant properties. Let's find out better.

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Acai berries: properties, nutritional values, calories


Description of the fruit

The Amazon, among the infinity of interesting plants it offers, gives us yet another fruit rich in remarkable properties, which has always been used in the diet and in the indigenous pharmacopoeia:'açaí (Euterpe oleracea), a word that derives from an Indian language and that stands for "fruit that weeps", in reference to its secretions.

The plant that produces açaì it is a rather large palm, from which the fruits are harvested: drupes that reach 2 centimeters in diameter when ripe, turning purple. These fruits are similar to grapes but have less pulp and a single seed inside, moreover the bunch is made up of about 800 drupes.


Açaì, ally of

Skin and muscles, liver, circulatory system and gastrointestinal system.


Calories, nutritional values ​​and properties of açaì

100 g of berries acai they contain about 70 kcal

Also in 100 g of fruit, we find:

  • 5 g of fat
  • 10 mg of sodium
  • 4 g of carbohydrates
  • 2 g of fiber
  • 2 g of sugar 
  • 1 g of protein

80% of the fruit ofacai is composed of the seed, from which an oil is obtained that is marketed for its richness in polyphenols and acids such as vanillic, hydrobenzoic, syrigic and ferulic, and above all omega-9.

The pulp of the fruit is not sweet at all and is mostly processed to produce juices or powders. In recent years it has risen to prominence in the markets of rich countries as a processed product (bars, concentrates, extracts, juices, supplements) ideal for athletes and for those trying to lose weight: the fruit is indeed a lot rich in fibers that regulate the intestine, has a good range of vitamins and strong antioxidant properties given by about seventy active ingredients found only in this fruit, which regenerate the body helping it to fight the signs of aging.

It has a capacity to fight free radicals hundreds of times higher than that of the apple. Particularly the antioxidant power it is given by anthocyanins that help the micro and macro blood circulation and therefore are also indicated for capillary fragility in addition to protecting the heart and the entire cardiovascular system thanks to the entire phytocomplex. Surely the antioxidant power is very high even if compared to other local fruits we find in scale pomegranate, strawberry grape juice, blueberries and black cherries and then açaì, orange and apple.

Açaì berries are sold for help during slimming diets since they reduce the sense of hunger and improve intestinal regularity; they also promote drainage and the elimination of excess fluids, thus allowing to rid the body of toxins and can support a slimming dietary path.


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Acai berries: properties, nutritional values, calories


Contraindications of açaí berries

The consumption of the drupe has how possible pressure control warning which can arise in some subjects and therefore the advice of an expert should be sought to take açaì supplements.
Furthermore, it is important to read the label well and evaluate the product well so as not to be fooled by the promotion that can lead you to think that açaì is a panacea for all ills!


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At home and in many American countries it is considered the ideal fruit for Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners.
Before its commercialization abroad and the consequent scientific checks, açaì was accompanied by the reputation of a food capable of increasing the size of the male sex, while in reality it has only a mild enlargement effect on the prostate.


How to buy açaì

Açaì is usually found made into juice and sold as a drink in specialized stores such as organic shops, herbalists, sports shops with space for sports supplements and of course in online shops.

The 100% and organic juice is usually more difficult to find and its consumption is particularly indicated for the protective effect of the circulatory system and the heart, for detoxification and weight control.
Also we can find the powder as a lyophilisate dry pulp or extracts in capsules, tablets, tablets as food supplements or in cosmetic formulations with antioxidant power that helps against cellular aging.

To have a purifying and detoxifying effect it needs a supplement for at least 2 months and usually dosages require a daily intake of 2 capsules or similar. Instead, for the liquid forms that aim more at a slimming effect, just follow the directions on the label.

Sometimes it is possible to find foods with the façaì belch added as in the case of yogurt or in the form of bars. Fresh consumption in the countries of origin is like smoothies, ice creams and desserts that are still not widespread in our country.


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