AAA wanted "carnivores" convinced that for 2000 pounds they follow a vegan diet for a month

AAA wanted

People who appreciate meat and consume it every day would hardly be deprived of it for a whole month. Perhaps someone could be convinced, however, if a reward of 2000 pounds is offered. This is what the British site healthiergang proposes.

Are you a convinced carnivore? Get paid to go vegan for 1 month! This is the slogan launched by healthiergang to find the 3 perfect candidates who will have to participate in a experiment aimed at monitoring the results in terms of health of the transition to a completely plant-based diet.

healthiergang, a platform for news, analysis and opinions on everything related to vegan diet and fitness, has as its main objective that of making people aware of the benefits of a plant-based diet, demonstrating the effects on health and fitness.

Hence the need to examine real cases of people who have switched from a "carnivorous" diet to a vegan one. They are therefore sought three candidates in the cities of Newcastle, Glasgow, Birmingham, Liverpool and London, those where according to a recent survey (conducted by the same platform) live the most assiduous consumers of meat in the United Kingdom.

The requirements

The requirements are as follows:

  • residence in the aforementioned cities
  • having followed a diet rich in meat during the previous year
  • be between 18 and 60 years of age
  • have no underlying health problems, such as diabetes, obesity, or hyperthyroidism

"It is important to us that these case studies are honest and easily recognizable, so that our readers can make an informed decision about whether veganism is right for them and how best to implement the plant-based diet."

The three successful candidates will receive a month-long vegan diet program and will have to complete a remote health and fitness check, both before and after the study, as well as take photos of their physique, always before and after the switchover.

The plant-based diet is the only lifestyle change required for the study, otherwise candidates will have to go about their daily life as usual.

The most suitable people will be selected at the end of August, with the hope of starting the study in mid-September and, as already announced, they will be paid handsomely for the "trouble". The expected remuneration is in fact of 2000 pounds.

healthiergang obviously hopes the proposed change will become lasting. It will be like this?


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