A smile and a good mood to improve the couple's relationship

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A smile and a good mood to improve the couple's relationship

Last update: April 26, 2015

Smiling helps relieve tension and stress, improves mood, improves creativity and increases energy. The smile also plays an essential role in building strong and healthy relationships, creating intimacy and resolving conflicts and disagreements. For this reason, using a smile and a good mood can help solve couple problems and strengthen the bond with the partner.

Mood plays an important role in relationships. In the new relationships, a good mood can be a very effective tool not only to attract the other person, but also to overcome the shame or embarrassment of the first meetings as the couple gets to know each other. In long-term relationships, the mood helps keep the emotion alive and the relationship fresh and interesting. It can also help overcome conflicts and disagreements that build up over time.

Sharing the pleasure of mood creates a feeling of intimacy and connection between two people, qualities that define successful and solid relationships. When you laugh with others, you create a positive bond with other people. This union acts as a strong buffer against stress, disagreements, disappointments and crises in a relationship.

The role of good humor in relationship problems

A good mood is not a miracle cure for relationship problems, but it can be an important and very useful tool that can help you overcome the difficult moments that occasionally undermine all relationships. Regardless of the problem, the best thing would be to try to always face it with a positive attitude in order to strengthen the emotional bond.

A good mood can help form a stronger bond between the couple, sharpen differences of opinion (even on the most sensitive issues), dispel tension, overcome problems and setbacks, see things from a different perspective or even be more creative when looking for a solution to problems.

How to apply good humor and a smile to achieve all this?

# 1 - Using a good mood to resolve a conflict

Conflict is an inevitable part of all relationships, which can manifest itself in different ways. Either way, how these conflicts are resolved can determine the couple's success.

When conflict and disagreement are a habitual problem in a relationship, a good mood can help ease the situation and restore the feeling of security and connection with the other. If you use it with skill and respect, without making the situation seem like a joke and without ridiculing the other, a little good humor can cause conflict and tension to turn into an opportunity for fun and shared intimacy.

Good humor without sarcasm neutralizes conflicts and helps to stop the power struggle that arises from an argument, to see who is right. It helps to be more spontaneous and flexible, to see the problem from another perspective, to find a creative solution and to put aside personal inhibitions to be able to express what you really feel and thus allow you to give vent to deep and authentic sensations and emotions.

# 2 - Make sure the other is following the joke

A good mood helps to overcome problems in a relationship only when both parties are able to follow the joke as such, without confusing it with sarcasm or mockery. It is therefore important to pay attention to the other. When the joke and the smile are one-sided and not mutual, what is obtained is to weaken the trust of the other, as well as good will, a factor that damages the relationship and accentuates the problem even more.

The good mood in relationships it must be fun and enjoyable for both partners. If the other does not believe the joke is funny, stop immediately and take a moment to consider the reasons why the other does not want to joke; never underestimate the mood of your partner.

# 3 - Don't use a good mood to hide other emotions

A good mood helps you to be more flexible about life's challenges. However, there are times when a good mood is not "healthy" because it is used to hide reality and not deal with painful emotions. The smile can be a mask for feelings of pain, fear, anger and disappointment when you don't know how to express them. In this case, the smile and good mood create confusion and distrust in relationships.

# 4 - Put it into practice

It is never too late to develop this playful and humorous side that we love to see in others. Many people don't see themselves this way and worry too much about how pranks would sound in their mouth or how they would look in other people's eyes. This fear of looking ridiculous while trying to be funny is very limiting.

To do this, you have to act naturally trying to recover the innate joy of childhood, looking for quality moments in which to enjoy fun and good humor.

It is important to pay attention to your partner's non-verbal cues to see if they are capable of appreciating attempts to create a happy and relaxed situation. Making clever jokes on internal issues of the couple, which are understandable only to the two partners and which only make sense within the relationship, accentuates intimacy and complicity.

To snatch a smile from another, even simple things can be enough, like doing something extravagant or simply because you want to have fun and make the other laugh.

If good humor and play become an important part of life, you can always find opportunities to build and maintain better relationships with others.
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