A person is like a plant that needs care

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A person is like a plant that needs care

A person is like a plant that needs specific conditions to be able to flourish. In the absence of the same, it withers. But if they are respected, it grows and blooms.

Last update: January 15, 2021

A person is like a plant that needs specific care, as one of a kind. There are no two identical plants, just as there are no two identical people. To verify this, you just have to do a simple exercise: draw a plant, which must not be just any plant, but YOURS. If you ask someone else to make the same drawing, you will find that everyone will draw a different plant.

There are many types of plants, flowers, shrubs or trees. And even if two people choose the same plant, for example a sunflower or a pine, their designs will never be identical.

The location on the sheet will be different, as will the size, colors, details, etc. The description that the person will make of the characteristics of their plant will also change. Many will be the same, but others will have different shades.

Not all plants need the same amount of water, light or soil. Likewise, each person is a plant that needs to be cared for by himself and others.

“Cherry trees are cherry trees and plums are plums! Each individual is a precious and noble entity! Advance on the path of your unique mission, which is exclusively yours! "

-Daisaku Ikeda-


People and plants have a lot in common, although at first glance it may not seem like it. They are both living beings that need care to grow and survive.

Both people and plants need to be able to breathe, see sunlight, drink water, have solid roots and enough space to grow and develop. That is why we say that a person is a plant that needs care.

Art is contemplation. It is the pleasure of the mind which seeks in nature and which discovers the spirit of which nature itself is animated.

-Auguste Rodin-

While not everyone is an expert in gardening, many are good at caring for plants. Many people buy them cheaply and water them, change the soil when needed and place them in larger pots when the roots have taken up all the available space. Some even talk to plants.

Even so, however, some do not survive. Perhaps, for too much water which, like all excesses, can be dangerous for survival and cause death.

The needs of plants are not that different from those of people

Plants have needs that are not that different from those of people. We both need a suitable place where we can get enough light and breathe. Gradually, we grow and require more space and, from time to time, to renew the land in which we live.

Like humans, plants need to eliminate the old and the superfluous to make room for the new. They eliminate the leaves that turn yellow and that are no longer useful to be able to create new ones.

Buddhism teaches us the principle: "cherry, plum, peach and apricot", which defines the unique diversity and beauty of all living beings.

A person is like a plant that needs care

To grow, both plants and humans need to start over, practically from scratch. Like that plant that cannot find its place in an apartment and, despite all efforts, does not grow well. But if, on the other hand, he is in the right place, he manages to recover and resume living.

People, like plants, sometimes need to renew themselves and start from scratch to find their size and be able to grow and bear new fruits.

Each person is unique and has certain needs. We cannot care for all plants in the same way, and the same goes for humans. We cannot treat an aloe vera plant as if it were a rose. We cannot expect plums to grow from an apple tree or a pear tree to make strawberries.

We know that some plants bloom, while others sport only beautiful leaves; some trees bear fruit and others don't. They are all plants, but each one has its own function and for this reason it is unique. Similarly, we must not forget that a person is like a plant that needs different care depending on its uniqueness.

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