A mother always remains, even when everyone else leaves

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A mother always remains, even when everyone else leaves

Last update: 06 March, 2016

There are many types of mothers and not all of them are in the "right" way, there are also toxic mothers who cause a lot of pain due to their growth style and excessive attachment or a projection of their own repressed desires on their children.

However, almost all mothers love us and take care of us with immeasurable responsibility and dedication. A mother will always remain, even when everyone else is gone; even when you don't know who you are, when she feels like you've hit rock bottom.

Their work must be claimed, so minimized, invisible and, even, sometimes despised. For many, the greatest pride in their life is having kept it with them.

Mothers who give up

Mothers give up many more things than we imagine in order to raise us and make us happy. A few years ago they gave up practically everything, because society did not allow them to be mothers, women and workers at the same time.

Now it's different, their figure has evolved positively, but there is still a long way to go until the day when a woman gives up nothing when she decides to have a child and raise it without feeling guilty.

Mothers give up and, at times, a well of sadness is produced in them, perhaps full of other dreams equally important that they have never been able to accomplish.

Mothers have so much generosity and so much love for their children; when they hold their baby in their arms for the first time, they realize that this little creature will not deserve, in the future, to take on their mother's “it was not possible” backpack. They will bring it to them, as they can, or they will not give it so much importance, because from this moment their project is their own children.

For many mothers it was like this: their life, their project. Nobody has the right to criticize or judge them for taking on the one role they played brilliantly.

Mothers who fight for their children's lives to be better than theirs

Many mothers heal the wound of their repressed dreams and their aspirations by dedicating all of themselves to the means that will allow their children to do what they are passionate about.

Seeing them happy is their personal success, their vital reward for all the silent work they have done for many years. Covering us when we are cold, teaching us positive values, taking care to dry our tears after a difficult time, betting on us when no one has done it ...

When they have shown us what paths were not right for them, and actually were not, we return to them without any reproach. They are happy because we have learned something and because we are close to them. However, they are aware that there will come a time when we will stop walking alongside them. They will feel the nest empty, but the heart full because they will see us happy and free.

It is always said that mothers want the best for us and usually they do. This is why their days are 24 hours non-stop, whether they work or not, so as not to neglect even a moment.

They suffer in silence when they know that we are hurt and disheartened. Their eyes fill with pride when someone says we are good and polite people. They get excited when we start school and continue to do so when we are already adults.

When everything seems to go wrong, they are always there

They never leave us, even if we say we don't need them anymore. Mothers know that just when their children say these things, they need to be by their side more than ever. They will come back with us, we will take refuge in their home, which will never stop being ours too.

They will heal our wounds of life, because mothers, with their naturalness and their company, will give us calm., protection, understanding… It is by their side that we understand that we have not lost the compass, far from stress and conventionalism; it is the moment when we are ourselves more than any other.

They are our refuge, our north, they possess our heart and we don't even want to imagine what will happen when they are gone. This is why now, in life, we must make them happy and give them our affection.

Give your mothers the time they deserve and keep in mind that no one will love you the way they do. The love between mother and child is unparalleled. It will always fill us with joy, because it is the most sincere and wonderful of our existence.

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