A hug is a love poem written on the skin

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A hug is a love poem written on the skin

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Last update: December 14, 2021

A hug is a love poem written on the skin that breaks all purees and drives away all thoughts. It may seem like a small gesture (sometimes even obligatory), but in any case it has great healing power on an emotional level.

Generally we need a hug to reaffirm our feelings and nourish our relationships, making us feel loved and loved in our most vital space, while cultivating our ability to stay afloat and overcome our dizziness every day.

There are hugs that can assemble all our destroyed parts, those that one day broke when events broke us and destroyed our soul. The fact is that we will never be the same after saying goodbye, either to another person or to a part of us.

Hugs are moments that invite us to be part of a fulfilled dream

Hugs represent moments in which happiness finds us in the form of a person, of comfortable warmth. Because a hug, sometimes, is much more important than words; it has the ability to rejuvenate our dreams and our motivation towards life.

The poems we are talking about are not written directly on the skin, but are tattooed from within with the tint of all the hormones that strengthen our bonds, which allow the heart to pump blood, which fill us with purity, love and comfort.

The well-being we feel when we are "victims" of a hug leads us to want more and more and to wait for this gesture when we need it most. Drug ourselves, make a magical injection of life and affection that makes us draw, beyond uncertainty and suffering, a window through which to take in fresh air and revitalize body and mind.

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