A friend is a treasure to be kept with care

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A friend is a treasure to be kept with care

The friendship is based on a beautiful mystery: the awareness of knowing, with a single glance, who are the people we can really count on. 

Last update: April 17, 2022

“Whoever finds a friend finds a treasure”, says the famous proverb. Nothing more true. Friendship is one of the most important dimensions of life. It is said that a friend is a treasure, a gift we give to ourselves. Trust, honesty and authenticity are values ​​we share every day with true friends.

Friendship is based on a language made not only of words, but of meanings. It is a relationship of mutual support and support in which the defects are accepted and the other person is accepted unconditionally, regardless of the circumstances of the moment.

What is the true meaning of friendship? Difficult to describe. A friend is a treasure, no doubt, yet there are several relationships that it is good not to categorize under a single definition.

Each friendship is unique and can be described as the ability of two people to understand each other in a special way. A relationship based on affection that can give meaning to our lives. From a psychological and socio-emotional point of view, friendship is characterized by the interdependence of the relationship.

Don't walk behind me, I may not lead you. Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow you. Just walk by my side and be my friend.

-Albert Camus-

Friendship according to Aristotle

Aristotle took a deep interest in the concept of friendship. According to the Greek philosopher, friendship is the most sincere and light way that Eros has to touch us. He classified it into three types: functional, accidental and intentional.

  • Functional: it is a relationship based on mutual benefit rather than affection. It is more common among adults than among young people and only lasts as long as the benefits last.
  • Accidental: very frequent in young people. It is based on pleasure, on the sharing of common passions and is intended in a playful sense. These are the friends we go to dance with, play sports or any other activity with. It lasts as long as the common passion lasts.
  • Intentional: it is not based on benefit as much as on real affection. Friends share a vision of the beauty of life and enter into a relationship based on goodness. It usually lasts a lifetime.

The alliance of two formidable natures

Ralph Waldo Emerson analyzes a different, more realistic aspect of friendship. According to Emerson, true friendship does not require virtue. It is the set of similarities and disparities that unite one to the other.

In order for an authentic friendship to be born between two people, an essential condition must occur: the ability of both to ignore it.

Emerson names friends as an alliance between two great and formidable natures contemplating each other and they recognize the profound identity of each one. They feel united despite the differences. From his point of view, there is no doubt that a friend is a treasure.

A friend is a treasure and it is the family that we have chosen

In a way, our circle of friends is like a family that we have chosen. Friendship is capable of generating deep reciprocity and mutual respect.

People choose to be friends. Sometimes we identify with them much more than we identify with those with whom we have a blood bond.

"What makes friendships indissoluble and doubles their charm is a feeling that love lacks: security."

-Honoré de Balzac-

Two factors guide us in choosing our potential friends: individual and environmental ones. The former include our social skills, the similarity and accessibility of various people.

Environmental factors, on the other hand, concern life events, geographical proximity and preference for particular activities, all fundamental elements for defining a friendship.

Studies in this regard reveal man's tendency to sympathize with people he deems close to himself, and with a personality that allows us to enjoy their company. Apparently, these terms favor friendships and reduce the possibility of conflict in the relationship.

A relationship without masks: a friend is a treasure

They say that when a friend is for real, there are no walls to hide behind in the relationship. Sometimes we know our friends better than we know ourselves, we can be wholly ourselves and talk about everything. A true friendship can come to define us as people.

"Friend is the one who knows your favorite song by heart and can sing it for you when you forget the words."

-Julio Ramon Ribeyro-

A friend is a witness of life, he is the one who assists us with everything that happens to us. A mirror in which to reflect, a refuge based on love and respect. Bring out the best in us while knowing the good and evil we have inside.

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