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Who has it knows: the headache it can ruin the days in a very heavy way. Millions of people around the world suffer from it - with or without a side dish dizziness, nausea, hearing or aura disturbances - for different causes: stress, after-effects of hangover, mineral deficiencies, food allergy and much more.

There are various types of medications to treat headaches, but before relying on chemistry we can try some natural remedies.

Change nutrition and lifestyle, decrease it stress, and a device that is only apparently trivial: i foods as a cure for headaches, let's see the 8 main ones.


1. Green salad with raw vegetables for headache

Some headaches, especially the "hangover" one, or from supply excessively "refined"may be caused by dehydration and mineral deficiency.

The ideal dish in this case is a nice salad with lettuce or spinach or escarole and vegetables crunchy leafy like the "iceberg" which have higher amount of water, fiber and minerals.


2. A coffee for headache

Coffee ? Yes, it might seem like one contradiction or a serious mistake. In fact the caffeine causes vasoconstriction or a narrowing of blood vessels which increases headache in case of migraine, but the same effect creates relief for allergy headaches.

Researchers also tell us that caffeine contributes to lower histamine levels, responsible for allergy disorders, including headaches.


3. A banana for headache

Rich in potassium e magnesium, are a valid ally for cases of dehydration headache resulting in a lack of minerals. Bananas are also excellent in case of "hangover", ie i hangover.

Magnesium and potassium: do you know their benefits and contraindications?


4. Spices against headaches

In allergy or sinus headache, the spices, they can help eliminate or decrease painful pressure paranasal sinuses, the cavities that become inflamed and congested in these situations. Add them to your dishes or use them to flavor herbal teas.

Lo ginger then it has a digestive effect and can relieve the headache from "I ate too much": excellent in slices, inhot water with lemon.


5. Whole grains for headache

I Whole grains they can relieve headaches for several reasons: they are rich in minerals, especially the magnesium, the deficiency of which causes cramps and muscle contractions; they also provide slow release carbohydrates, avoiding the sudden drop in energy (which can cause fatigue and headaches) related to grains or refined sugar.

Perfect for avoid the drop in energy during a crash diet, they are anyway recommended to all, replacing refined (white) cereals.


6. Almonds against headaches

Stop! If you are allergic to almonds or nuts in general, skip to the next point on the list; in some cases they can indeed trigger strong reactions, including headaches.

If, on the other hand, you do not have allergies of this kind, take advantage of the richness of the almonds in tryptophan, an amino acid that contributes to the formation of serotonin, the "serenity" hormone.

They also contain a lot magnesium, which helps to dissolve muscle contractions. Consume them for breakfast, in salads or as a snack. A handful is the standard portion.


7. Watermelon against headaches

In cases of strong dehydration, after physical activity or 'summer, headache may appear and a tasty remedy is thewatermelon.

Sweet and fresh, watermelon helps restore liquids in case you don't feel like drinking lots of water, especially for children and the elderly, unwilling to drink but at great risk of dehydration in summer.


8. Flax seeds against headaches

There are molecules in our body that favor theinflammation and related pains, including headaches, and other molecules that fight inflammation, including the precious Omega 3 fatty acids.

Very rich in omega 3, i flax seed they are valid allies against headaches. Consume them freshly chopped for breakfast in yogurt or soups. Yes they preserve better than linseed oil, which tends to easily go rancid once opened as Omega 3s oxidize easily.


Headache: the foods to avoid

If you suffer from frequent headaches, try to decrease or eliminate the consumption of:

  • Coffee, tea, chocolate
  • Alcohol
  • Red meat 
  • Milk and dairy products
  • Packaged snacks
  • Foods flavored with glutamate.


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