7 ways to make your life easier

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Effective strategies to make everyday life a little less complicated.

Have you ever felt the need to make your life easier? In this article I want to offer you 7 effective strategies to make your life a little less complicated.

My advice is to choose and try 1 or 2 of these strategies for at least 7 days: if you try to turn your life upside down in one night, you will find yourself with a handful of frustration in hand!

  1. Do one thing at a time. I've already talked to you about why doing one thing at a time has its advantages: if you continuously switch from one activity to another, without ever completing one, you're just accumulating confusion and stress. If you are studying for your next exam, focus on the book, don't keep wandering facebook or talking to your friends on msn. Focus on one activity at a time… complete it and… move on to the next one. Try this strategy for a morning - you will be surprised at the results you get.
  2. Limit your to-do list to 3 activities. If you regularly use to-do lists, be careful not to abuse them! have you planned 57 activities for today ?! try to imagine what could be the 3 activities that once completed would have the greatest impact on your life. Today focus only on these 3 activities, completing them one at a time.
  3. Go on a media diet. Being informed is important, I don't deny it, but today we are literally bombarded with information: TV, internet, free newspapers, magazines, etc .. If you can't find the time to do what you love, try a media diet: make an effort not to surf continuously, turn off the TV, do not fossilize in front of the Tg. Does all this information really create value in your life?
  4. Cut the flow of information. As with the media, try to reduce your daily information flow: do you really need to be subscribed to 62 newsletters? Still not fed up with the chains of San Antonio? Do you need to read 41 different blogs a day? on this last point I grant you an exemption ... subscribe to my RSS feed! ;-)
  5. Write 5-line emails. Do you waste half your day writing emails? Get into the good habit of writing emails no longer than 5 lines, as suggested by Mike Davidson. This little trick forces you to be essential ... and trust me this is a great advantage for you, but also for those who read you.
  6. Adopt strategy 1.i.2.o. And now what the hell is the 1.i.2.o ?! don't worry ... the acronym 1.i.2.o stands for 1 in 2 out: One in, two out. When something enters your house / room / desk, bring out at least two of them. That's all, nothing complicated right?
  7. Put in order with the "3 categories" method. When you have to arrange the garage, the attic, the desk or any other room you decide from the beginning to put in order the objects you love and consider indispensable and to divide the rest into 3 categories: things to throw away, things to sell on ebay and the things you are undecided about. Act now for the items in the first two categories, while for those you are undecided about, put them away neatly and take some time to decide what to do with them.

One last piece of advice off the list: simplifying your life also means not being tied to too rigid schemes. Take a cue from the 7 strategies I proposed, but don't be too rigid in applying them ... simple is often synonymous with spontaneous.

Do you also use effective strategies in everyday life to make your life easier? talk about it in the comments, I would be grateful!

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