7 ways to increase your self-esteem

7 Effective Techniques To Increase self-esteem.

7 ways to increase your self-esteem

Self-esteem cannot be built overnight. Everything needs time. If you continue to make bold efforts day after day, you will eventually gain confidence.

Daisaku Ikeda

Increase the self-esteem it is not an illusion but a concrete possibility for one's own growth, in fact, self-esteem generates new, not calculated possibilities and helps you to believe in your actual and potential abilities: thanks to this, the ability to express yourself freely is born without fearing the judgment of others.

Low self-esteem tends to detract from your every success daily and instead value mistakes, increasing uncertainty and general suffering, you will therefore understand why self-esteem is so important in personal development.

If you often feel overwhelmed by the opinions of others, you feel a sense of constant insecurity or to think that others know more and more about you, increasing self-esteem is a great step to overcome these situations.

There are many methods of increasing the self-esteem, here are the 7 simplest and most effective ones I have selected for you.

7 effective ways to increase your self-esteem

# 1 Associate your name with positive perceptions

To get started, associate your name with positive words and perceptions.

Write on a piece of paper all your qualities with the words that most characterize you, in particular the qualities that represent you, then think about yourself by associating the value with your name.

An example could be Martina of the smile or Luca the nice one.

Focus solely on the merits and on the positive effect these have on the people around you, on the flaws you will work on later.

When you think and talk about yourself do not use offensive and demotivating terms, if you are wrong do not worry, just think: this was not the right path, the next will be.

Successful people have made a lot of mistakes, but valuing themselves bring their successes to light.

Everything that describes you must tend to become positive starting with your own words, then follow the facts too.

So avoid the usual demoralizing and guilty complaints towards yourself, mistakes happen but you have to move on.

Obviously this simple tutorial won't do you the safest man in the world, but it is a first step to become aware of your strengths and begin to associate them with your person.

# 2 Keep what you say you want to do

7 ways to increase your self-esteem

A fundamental step to increase self-esteem is to keep promises what do you do to others and especially to yourself.

Try to respect everything you have said you want to do in the last week, no excuses, you have to stick to your word.

If you're having a hard time keeping promises, talk to the people who matter to you.

Tell everyone what you want to do and that you will work hard to get it done, by doing so you will take on their positive pressure.

If you find it useful, you can write your commitment in the comments of this article, so as to make your promise public.

This way you will notice how difficult it is to keep everything that is said and you will catch many less commitments, even with yourself.

Set yourself a micro-goal and focus on it to accomplish it without excuses, the self-esteem it will increase with every little milestone you reach.

# 3 Exercise

7 ways to increase your self-esteem

Choose a sport and start practicing it, preferably as a team.

There are so many that you won't have a hard time finding the right one for you.

At any gym you can take a free trial to see if you like it and if it suits your current skills.

To increase the self-esteem it is better to prefer sports and team activities perhaps accompanied by good athletic training.

Physical activity will increase your self-esteem both directly and indirectly, in fact by improving your physical abilities you will increase your positive mental resources, you will learn to be part of a team or a team, in short, you will practically have benefits for your self-esteem.

# 4 Don't procrastinate just yet

7 ways to increase your self-esteem

Don't put off what you can do today until tomorrow.

Take the pebbles off your shoes and make your dreams come true, procrastination lowers the self-esteem and greatly reduces your chances of taking action.

Every project you postpone to tomorrow will seem bigger and more insurmountable, and inevitably it will reduce your self-esteem.

Starting to use a to-do list is a good start, avoid leaving too many loops open and finish what you have already started, then dedicate yourself to new projects for yourself.

Stopping procrastinating will make you feel better and you will silence that inner voice reminding you of all the things you still need to do, letting you get the message that you never get anything done.

# 5 Deal with a little discomfort a day

7 ways to increase your self-esteem

Get out of your comfort zone, commit to doing something a little embarrassing every day that you don't want to do.

The goal is to expand this area to be comfortable in the world around you.

Avoid running away from the little ones daily inconveniences, by dint of doing this your brain will convince itself that you are not actually able to overcome them and every little challenge will seem bigger and more demoralizing.

Act with simple and basic gestures: talk to a stranger or neighbor, enter a club, ask a passer-by for the time, whatever is fine, the important thing is to do it consistently, remember: your little discomfort a day.

# 6 Don't compare

7 ways to increase your self-esteem

Do not compare yourself to others, of course a little competition is good, but do not compare yourself with people who have already arrived, everyone has their own abilities you cannot be the same as another, do not care what others think and start with yourself.

Having a role model to follow is helpful: get inspired by one or more people, observe the ones you like and study how they behave, learn, but without comparing you to them.

If you prefer to have a meter, the only comparison you can make is to compare yourself with the yourself past.

Try to be better than the person you see behind you, if you are already a little higher than a year ago, you are on the right path.

# 7 Dramatically increase your knowledge

7 ways to increase your self-esteem

Have you ever noticed how good you feel when you talk about a topic you know or when you present ideas and projects that you truly believe in?

This happens because you have a certain amount of security given by the your knowledge.

To increase self-esteem it is essential broaden your knowledge about topics you are most in contact with, as well as those that obviously fascinate you.

By expanding your culture, you will be more sure of yourself in a wider range of situations and you will experience more frequently that pleasant feeling of exposing something you know very well.

The key points to increase self-esteem

7 ways to increase your self-esteem
  1. Associate your name with positive thoughts
  2. Keep your word for yourself and others
  3. Exercise regularly
  4. Stop procrastinating
  5. Step out of your comfort zone little by little
  6. Don't make unnecessary comparisons
  7. Change the words you use for yourself
  8. Don't blame yourself unnecessarily
  9. Strategically expand your knowledge

Increase self-esteem it is a long journey, made up of perseverance and commitment, but when you have reached your ideal level of self-esteem you will finally feel free to act independent of the prejudices of others.

A useful method to evaluate your progress is to keep a personal diary, thanks to this tool, you will be able to re-read your approach to problems over the years, how you solved them, your concerns or understand what went wrong.

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