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Are you still thinking about how to grow professionally? Being an indispensable employee can make a difference: it depends on the level of commitment and how much we are willing to get involved. Here are 7 tips for professional growth.

1. Become the CEO of your career

Take ownership of your role and how you want to develop it. Not sure where to start? Look at your colleagues and ask yourself: Who are the best and most talented people in their role and how do they achieve their results? Make a list of these skills you need (or have) and then answer these questions:

Where do I want to improve?

What actions do I need to take to improve?

Who can help me during this growth?

Then take your list of questions and your answers you gave, and ask your manager what he thinks. Expect a conversation about what can be done to improve (your position, career, and job) within the broader context of the company, without qualms or fears.

2. Use emotional intelligence

Life as an addict fluctuates between ups and downs. Everyone has the ability to become an expert in their field; the key is to master the ability to work with people and find comfort in uncertainty. These are the best skills for being successful at work and being a model employee.

Embracing an innovative mindset means being an employee able to think about the work you do with new eyes and the willingness to reinvent yourself through a strong commitment to continuous learning. It also means living a commitment to inclusion and diversity, because innovation requires diversity of thought and experience, and makes everyone stronger.

3. Recognize failure

Failure can be a good thing. Failure is a valuable learning opportunity that spurs growth and innovation.

As an employee, you don't have to be afraid to try something that has never been done before - looking critically at the tools and processes in place helps us to test what they are and what they could be. I realize this may be easier said than done, especially in a culture where it may not be so safe to fail. But in this case, do what you can to push your idea, on your team.

Doing so will not only help you improve as an employee, but also elevate your team and organization.

4. Get enough rest

Try to get eight hours of sleep every night. Sleep sharpens our memory, helps us learn more and make better decisions, and also prevents long-term health risks.

So do yourself a favor: put your phone down and go to bed. You will be more productive at work and on the way to living a longer, healthier life.

5. Shape the environment in the office

As soon as this pause is over, we will return to slow normalcy. With it will return your life as an employee who goes - hopefully a few times less - to the office. You need to make your office work for you, figuring out how, when, and where to be most productive in this environment.

For example, if you are a morning person, consider entering the office an hour earlier (at this time, open the PC from home ...) to do some work, or talk to your manager and propose to test that new video conferencing platform if it will lead to an increase in your productivity.

Finally, consider taking advantage of telephone rooms or other private areas to avoid the pitfalls of the open-plan office.

6. Evaluate your performance

You can't change what you don't see. We all have blind spots, so developing the practice of asking your peers for feedback can be a great way to better understand what kind of professional you are.

7. Make effective communication your priority

Professional growth is also a question of communication. Clear and regular communication with your colleagues and your manager will define you as a reliable and effective person, and will give you the opportunity to update others on your activities and achievements. Get in the habit of regularly communicating what you are working on to your manager and colleagues, asking them what you can help them with.

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