7 signs of a couple's immaturity

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7 signs of a couple's immaturity

Last update: July 27, 2015

"Relationships are the hallmark of the mature person". Brian Tracy

One of the main problems in relationships is the lack of emotional maturity. You will agree with me that, for a relationship to be healthy, full and happy, both parties must be able to communicate effectively with each other and be emotionally comfortable.

Many of the signs of emotional immaturity are manifested in behavior. We invite you now to discover the 7 signs that indicate whether a couple has matured or not.

Undoubtedly, immaturity is very common and even normal in certain stages of a couple's relationship: it is normal that in certain cases the balance tip tends more to one side than the other.

Often immaturity has to do with an underdeveloped personality either with the fear of growing up that many people feel. This affects the behavior and, consequently, the couple relationship that these people establish.

What are the 7 signs that a couple has not matured?

Your partner's parents are too present in their life: maturity is also acquired through emotional independence from parents. If, even today, your partner's parents are very present in his life by calling him every day, requesting his continuous assistance or treating him like a child, then your couple has not matured properly.

Your partner doesn't bother to control spending and savings. Maturity brings us to be responsible for our life and of all the situations we live in; looking after responsibilities such as finances and money is a very important requirement for achieving independence as a couple.

An immature person does not control his finances and is not interested in starting to pay due attention to this activity. He probably doesn't care about tomorrow, to save, and it is possible that you spend more than you earn without realizing it; it is common that he has to turn to his parents because of his inability to manage money.

Your partner lives as if he is 18 years old. Eternal adolescence is one of the clearest signs that your couple has not matured. Undoubtedly, living like when you were 18 and forgetting about burdensome responsibilities is sometimes good for the spirit. However, what is totally not recommended for our inner well-being is to live like this every day; if this behavior occurs, it means that your couple has not developed the proper evolution.

Your partner is afraid to commit. Several psychological studies confirm that immaturity is synonymous with "fear of commitment". Mature people are aware of the state of their relationship and the seriousness it requires, they make future plans and together set goals such as marriage or other dreams with real possibilities of coming true.

"To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to create oneself incessantly." Henri Bergson

Your partner cannot express his feelings. The vital evolution of each of us necessarily passes through certain stages, in which shyness and free expression of feelings complement each other, learning to manage the latter more easily. Maturity is the basis for this to happen.

If not, immaturity creates a barrier that prevents you from expressing feelings with clarity and ease; you are ashamed to do so. In a couple, such a situation can ruin the relationship, due to the frustration and exhaustion that is generated.

The partner does not take care of his image. When we are young, we do not worry much about the care of the image: one of the signs of the immaturity of the couple is visible in the way of dressing and in the care of the partner. It is true that this is a superficial aspect, but it is often linked to a way of seeing life in a way typical of adolescence.

Your partner does not accept and does not share his mistakes. Rarely will an immature person say phrases like "I'm sorry" or "I was wrong". Maturity allows us to have a better perspective of things and therefore to see our mistakes and mistakes with greater clarity; in this way we will be able to accept our limitations and change for the better. If your partner isn't mature yet, he or she is likely to repeat the same mistakes over and over again without learning from them.

“Making mistakes is human, stumbling is common; being able to laugh at oneself is maturity ”. William Arthur Ward

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