7 Montessori games for young children

7 Montessori games for young children

There are thousands of toys on the market, but not all of them are suitable for young children. For example, tech toys have been shown to delay children's language acquisition, and that video games affect their concentration. If you are looking for simple and beautiful toys that stimulate free and imaginative play, toys that grow with your child, Montessori games for children are the perfect choice.

What differentiates Montessori toys?

The Montessori Method is a child-centered educational approach in which an educational environment is promoted in which the child takes an active role. The environment contains toys and materials specially designed for the child's active involvement in learning over long periods of time. Therefore, Montessori games for children perform several functions:

- Encourage activity. Whether for the material they are made of or for the colors, Montessori toys must have an attractive design for the child, encourage their manipulation and capture their attention.

- Include error checking. Many Montessori toys are designed in such a way that the child can see for himself that he has made a mistake, thus minimizing adult intervention and enhancing autonomous learning.

- They have several uses. Montessori toys are supposed to stimulate free play, it means that the child can use them in different ways, activating his creativity and imagination.

- They are fun and educational. Of course, Montessori games for kids should also give children pleasure as they play, encouraging different activities that stimulate their development.

As you can imagine, not all toys have these characteristics, especially tech toys, because they promote highly structured play and grab attention at the expense of the environment.

Montessori toys that grow up with children

  1. Sensory balls

7 Montessori games for young children

The sense of touch is one of the most developed in the newborn, as it allows him to connect with his mother and discover the world. During the first year of life, playing with different materials is a favorite activity for most children. Therefore, stimulating sensory exploration is one of the first goals of the Montessori method. These brightly colored sensory balls are perfect because they also have different textures that stimulate the touch. They are also the perfect size so children can handle them without difficulty.

  1. Rainbow to stack

7 Montessori games for young children

This wooden toy, which follows the same principle as stackable cubes, is a classic in Montessori classrooms. The reason is obvious: the possibilities to play freely are practically endless. The little ones can practice nesting, stacking and balancing while the older ones can use the pieces more creatively by simulating building different objects.

  1. Blocks with water

7 Montessori games for young children

This game is simply perfect because it combines the simplicity of the first blocks with the sensory benefits of playing with water, but without getting the whole house wet. Younger children can stack and shake them, while older ones can balance or place them together to learn more about the color mix.

  1. Geometric stacker

7 Montessori games for young children

This game is another fundamental element of the Montessori method. The child will have to match the figures of the objects with the slots in the box, a game that the child can use during the first years of life, developing hand-eye coordination as well as the concept of shape. This game, in particular, went beyond traditional geometric stackers by promoting the coordination of more precise hand movements, as well as stimulating children's imaginations and creativity.

  1. Musical eggs

7 Montessori games for young children

Each egg makes a different sound when the baby moves it. The interesting thing is that some eggs require special motor skills. To make the blue egg ring, for example, the child will have to turn it a little. So the little explorers will discover different melodies while having fun, while developing a sense of rhythm, color and manual skills.

  1. 12 friends of the rainbow

7 Montessori games for young children

We already know that the fewer things a toy does, the more the child's mind will do with it. This will be one of those toys that can accompany children as they grow up, because the play possibilities are truly endless. Plus, when he gets older, you can use it to teach him the months of the year.

  1. Wooden puzzle (colored Hibote)

7 Montessori games for young children

This Montessori toy will guarantee hours of fun for children. As children, they will play to fit the pieces inside the box and later, as they grow up, they will be able to create different figures, the only limit is their imagination. In addition, it is an easy to carry and very colorful toy that stimulates reasoning, spatial perception and creativity.

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