7 miracles that happen when you start believing in yourself

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When we are young we think our potential is limitless. When we ask a child what he wants to be when he grows up, the answers often surprise us. But as we get older we start listening to the people around us and we stop believe in ourselves. Fear of failure and the need to hold on to something safe cause us to lose confidence in ourselves; however, self-confidence is the main ingredient of success. If we don't trust our potential we are doomed to fail even before we start. For this reason, developing self-confidence, learning to bet on us, is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. And when we do that, small miracles happen within us:1. We criticize others lessJudgments and criticisms reflect more those who issue them than those who receive them. Those who spend much of their time judging others have little time to grow as a person. So when you spend some of your energy to develop self-confidence you become a less critical person, you stop focusing on others to focus on yourself. At that point you expand your horizons and become a more open-minded and flexible person.
2. We make fewer excuses and do more“I don't have time” is the main excuse people put forward to avoid undertaking new projects or pursuing their dreams. In reality, this excuse only hides the fear of failure and a lack of self-confidence. So when you start to trust yourself, that excuse disappears and you become a proactive person who takes the initiative and the courage to do what really motivates her. Henry Ford had already said it: “Either you think you can, as if you think you can't, in both cases you are right”.
3. We become a persevering personIf you don't believe in yourself, you will abandon the first obstacle, because this will turn into the confirmation of your worst fears. But when you are confident in what you can do, obstacles turn into opportunities to learn and redefine your strategy. Without realizing it, self-confidence makes you a persistent person, someone who doesn't get discouraged in adversity. Then you understand that sometimes life does not tell you "enough", but rather "stop for a moment and regain your strength".
4. We encourage others to believe in usIf we don't trust ourselves how can we expect others to do so? On the contrary, if we transmit trust and security, others perceive it and will trust us. If others see that we don't make excuses but roll up our sleeves and get down to business, sooner or later they will be infected by our enthusiasm and optimism.
5. We have a more objective attitude towards criticismNobody likes to be criticized. However, successful people are able to extract the positive from criticism and use it to improve their strategy or change their mind. And they can do it only because they have a solid emotional base, because they understand that criticism is not an attack on their person and they do not defend themselves against it, but use it to improve themselves. Self-confidence gives you the confidence to face criticism and come out strengthened, instead of letting it damage your self-esteem. In this regard, Earl Gray Stevens said that "trust, like art, does not come from having all the answers, but from being open to all questions".
6. We develop greater self-control and disciplineDeveloping self-confidence involves starting a journey of discovering our "self". Invariably, this journey will lead you to the best version of yourself. Indeed, trust in yourself not only involves an act of emancipation but also represents a great responsibility. When we are aware of the fact that many of the things we desire depend exclusively on our efforts, we become a more disciplined person and strengthen self-control, because we understand that these are the tools that we will use every day to make our dreams come true.
7. We increase our potential for successWhen you begin to trust your potential, it is as if a new universe of possibilities opens up before you. When you stop setting limits you start feeling what you really want. At that moment you shouldn't be surprised if you notice the universe aligning and working in your favor. In reality this is not a cosmic miracle, the universe was already in your favor even before, only that the mental barriers you had imposed on yourself prevented you from seeing the opportunities you can take. self-confidence based on positive phrases is not authentic trust. Self-confidence must come from an inner change, from a real restructuring of the old ways of thinking and relating to oneself.
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