7 habits to keep growing as a couple

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7 habits to keep growing as a couple

Last update: May 30, 2015

It does not matter if you have lived together for a few months or for several years, if you are married or not. The secret of a happy and, above all, healthy couple is to start building it from day one. For sure you know that it is necessary to give and to receive. "Equilibrio”Is one of the main words that describe a couple, because everything must be as balanced and fair as possible.

If the person who gives or who receives is always the same, in the long run the relationship will wear out and you will begin to suffer. Nobody says that a perfect couple never has any problems, don't fight or go through difficult times: quite the opposite. The ideal couple is the one who, despite everything, continues to move forward, together and as equals.

For this reason, if you are having a difficult time with your partner, you believe that things have changed, that you argue more often, you don't listen to each other or you don't have the same harmony anymore, it may be the right time to take a look at these. advice, given by an expert in couple and family psychology.

7 Habits that will strengthen the couple

1. Be willing to change your wants and needs. This means that you won't always be able to do what you want, because the other person also has the right to enjoy the things they like. Finding a compromise, for both of you to be happy, is a duty to be reckoned with. This does not mean putting aside our preferences, but, as we have just told you, being fairer. The need to always be right is also not healthy at all. Be more tolerant: it is the only way to make life as a couple more enjoyable. Learn to accept your partner's habits and even "whims", but always keeping a balance.

2. Enjoy each other's company. One of the most common problems is that everyone does what he wants, without the company of his partner. This has its good points, but you also need to share moments, from watching a movie together to going out for a walk. It can also be a simple breakfast in bed on Sunday morning, a dinner alone at home (without the children, for example), a romantic weekend getaway, etc. Try to find at least one moment a month to do something exclusively for the couple, without anyone else. Another thing that often seems difficult is being happy when your partner does something that we don't like that much. For example, when our husband wants to see a football match or our girlfriend a romantic comedy (or vice versa, women don't necessarily like sports and men don't like love movies!). Try to be more understanding and share these passions together.

3. Say positive things about your partner in front of other people. When you are in public, at a birthday party, meeting, dinner, etc. never criticize your partner, don't insult him and don't make fun of him / her to ridicule him / her. In reverse, your attitude must make your partner feel safe, supported and, above all, respected. Praise him / her by highlighting the best traits of his or her personality or mention success in work, college, etc.

4. Feel confident. There is nothing better than the feeling of tranquility given by a place where we feel safe. A hug or a caress is enough: it doesn't need to be a physical place, but a sensation. When two people feel completely safe together, it is much easier to create a good relationship. Always be open to dialogue, do not be afraid of misunderstandings or different points of view. You do not have to fear that the other will get angry, but always ask him for his opinion and accept the answer. This will greatly improve your intimacy (which is not always just sexual) and give the couple freshness and health.

5. Communicate to be able to understand each other. Try to talk when both of you are calm, not when anger or nervousness might be playing tricks on you. Remember that a disagreement, however small it may be, if not resolved, could lead to a much bigger fight and even breakup. You don't have to let this happen, but always talk about it at the right time and in the right way. This also means taking a position of openness and goodwill, and a correct attitude. Do not challenge the other, do not be ironic and do not seek quarrel.

6. Apologizing is an act of generosity. It is also a demonstration of repentance and commitment. It may sound trite and simple, but this five letter word is among the hardest to pronounce, especially when we are angry, hurt, sad, nervous, etc. Another important issue is learning to accept it. Feel free to express your emotions, e if you are not a person who apologizes easily, it is good that you work with it. The same thing goes for the "thank you".

7. Sleep as closely together as possible. Some say it is vital to go to bed with the problems solved, others that it is best to sleep on it and then think again. But it has been shown that sleeping curled up next to your partner greatly improves the quality of sleep, avoids nightmares, allows you to rest better, relieves stress, etc. So now you know: for the sake of your physical and mental health, solve problems and sleep embraced!

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