7 false beliefs that keep you enslaved

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"Don't keep yourself so busy that you forget you have a life." I don't remember where I read this sentence, but in these times, when the world seems to be more and more frenetic and convulsive, it comes to our aid. Sometimes we are so busy that we forget to live. Expectations, the needs of those around us, work, social commitments and technology take up a large part of our lives. We transform ourselves into real tightrope walkers to distribute time so that we can do everything and satisfy everyone, but in the end, there is a person who is always relegated to the background, who only touches the crumbs of the time left: ourselves. And it is strange that we rarely realize this contradiction, because we should be the protagonists of our life. We cannot be satisfied alone
The point is, as we strive to please everyone, we forget to live. We overload ourselves with activities that rob us not only of our time, but that are also harmful to our mental balance. We become convinced that these activities are important because we literally believe in a set of false beliefs that society has passed on to us.

The wrong beliefs that keep us busy and prevent us from enjoying life

1. Social recognition gives satisfaction. We tend to believe that when others recognize our work, we feel satisfied, happy and fulfilled. However, the fact is that social recognition generates a very fleeting satisfaction, so ephemeral that it's not really worth putting so much time and effort into it. This doesn't mean that we don't have to do things for society, but the reason doesn't have to be social recognition, but rather inner satisfaction. Confucius used to say: "Choose a job you like and you will never work a day of your life anymore".
2. Money gives happiness. Our society feeds consumerism, it needs it to survive. This is why it feeds false needs making us believe that having the most powerful car, the largest house and the latest smartphone model we will be happier. However, many scientific studies have shown that money cannot buy happiness, human relationships are our main source of satisfaction. Doing everything exclusively for money takes us away from happiness and takes away our inner peace. Frank Clark could not put it better: "Modern man lives a wild ride trying to earn enough to buy things he doesn't have time to enjoy."
3. I have no alternative. Many people spend decades doing jobs they don't like, live in a place they don't like, and hang out with people
they have nothing in common with, simply because they think they have no other choice. The truth is, there are always good excuses not to go out
from our comfort zone. And there are always alternatives, only sometimes it is we who have to build the new path, we are not served
on a silver platter but we must strive to try to change the course of our life when it does not satisfy us.
4. I am indispensable. Many people live in the grip of Superman Syndrome, they think that only they are able to carry out certain activities.
It is possible that due to your experience or skill, you are more adept and capable than others at some things, but that does not mean that there is none.
equally capable. The day you are gone the world will continue to turn, because you are not indispensable. When a piece is missing from the
machine, the rest of the gears reposition themselves to keep the mechanism running. So, learn to delegate, in order to have
more time for yourself and, incidentally, by doing so you will give others the opportunity to learn. I am more productive if I have deadlines to meet. It is true that some people are more productive by working against the clock, with tight deadlines. However, do you know why? Because under pressure the level of stress increases and our body secretes a series of hormones that give us extra energy
necessary. However, within these hormones are cortisol and adrenaline, when their levels remain high for a long period of time the body
it suffers and we get sick. So, even if it is true that by working with little time available we are more productive, this does not mean that doing it is healthy.
6. Everyone does this. Probably everyone around you follows the same lifestyle and you reflect in them as in a mirror. However, when it comes to happiness and personal satisfaction, the saying “a billion flies can't be wrong” doesn't apply. Happiness is a personal journey, if you are not satisfied with what you are doing right now, it doesn't matter that everyone around you does it this way, you have to change. Also, always remember that we tend to overestimate the happiness of others. Therefore, don't look around trying to imitate what a person you "believe" to be happy does, look for the answers within yourself.
7. Relaxation is synonymous with laziness. Some people act always looking for the limit, they push themselves further and further, even when the strength comes
less, just because they believe that doing nothing is synonymous with laziness. In fact, rest and relaxation are essential for being more productive and achieving good psychological balance. Continuing advancing, never taking a break to reconsider our goals, means moving in life with blinders. Sometimes it is necessary to stop, reflect and, if necessary, change your lifestyle.
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