6 questions to ask yourself to find happiness

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6 questions to ask yourself to find happiness

Last update: 08 November 2015

If you were a journalist and had the chance to interview yourself about happiness, what would you ask yourself? Are you sure you have all the answers?

What if they told you that you can help yourself to be happier simply by filling out a questionnaire, would you accept it?

If in order to find happiness, we have to comply with certain parameters and conditions, then we will never be happy in life. Obviously, because making our feelings submissive to something or someone external to us makes us dependent.

There will never be a 100% ideal situation that guarantees a smile from ear to ear. Come cantava il grande Freddy Mercury in The show must go on, "My makeup may peel off, but my smile still holds up".

The truly happy people aren't the ones with the most money, nor the ones with the least problems.

Imagine characters like Gandhi or Mother Teresa of Calcutta. They were cheerful people and had no material things, only love and compassion for others. You don't need to become like them, but you can make an effort to improve your life without depending on factors outside of you.

The questions that will help you find happiness where you are are:

1. Do I need to be grateful? Gratitude is a way we have to be happy. When things go well, with the wind in your sails, it's easy to say thank you. You always have things to be thankful for. If you can, write a list and you will realize it.

2. What increases my happiness? This is one of the hardest questions to answer. Because? Because humans usually only remember well the things or people that hurt them. The same is not true with what causes cheerfulness.

Focus on what gives you satisfaction and will to live. That is where the most genuine happiness lies!

3. What has been my progress? When you focus on failures and everything else you still need to do before you reach your goal, it is very easy to demotivate and wave the white flag. Don't let this happen!

Look back only to retrieve the teachings you need and to recognize the milestones you have passed so far.

4. Who loves me? You can have hundreds of contacts on social networks, get along with your co-workers or your neighbors, but the people who really love you can be counted on the fingers of one hand (two hands if you're lucky!) .

The love of others gives a lot of satisfaction. When you feel lonely or sad, you can think of these people. They will become your strength and help you move forward.

5. Who can I help? Happiness can slip out of your hands like sea water or beach sand because you are too focused on "me, me and more me". And the others? Do they not deserve to be happy too?

We are not talking about pure altruism, that is, to strip yourself of everything you have and become pure people like the ones we have already mentioned, but to help those around you. A simple gesture can change a person's day and allow you to rediscover your true essence. You will be very happy when you make someone happy.

6. How can they make the world better? There are thousands of options available to you, but it's not about choosing them randomly or because it seems like a good idea.

Make the contribution you choose define you, thrill you, give meaning to your life, help you find happiness.

Perhaps you will find happiness by saving whales, avoiding deforestation, recycling garbage, feeding a stray dog ​​on the street, or donating medicines for sick children.

Finally, do not forget that happiness is not having everything you want, but knowing how to appreciate what you already have.

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