5 tips for building good relationships

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5 tips for building good relationships

Last update: Augusts 28, 2015

Love includes, it does not exclude. Multiplies and adds, does not divide.

Approach, do not move away. She hugs, doesn't hit.

He understands, he does not judge.

Creating quality relationships isn't always easy. Most people live so immersed in their routines that they don't even have time to think about how to create them; to this, usually, an immense difficulty is added. First of all, before creating beautiful love stories, you need to be able to love yourself. It is not common for a couple to start their relationship with conflicts and negative experiences, therefore we assume that every beginning is positive. Without a doubt, this is the moment when you have the ball on your side of the court. We live in a continual whirlwind of emotions, expiring relationships and sentimental anxieties. What can we do to create quality relationships? Today we will talk to you about the basic principles that you cannot ignore:

1. There are two of us

Do you know that it is useless to look for your sweetheart? We have all been made whole, not in pieces. Look for a complete and whole person with whom you can spend your days. In a couple relationship, there are two people who share their life, holding on to their plans, programs and feelings.

2. Communication is the solution

Listen carefully to your partner, reflect and balance your thoughts. In the age of technology, most couples have gotten used to communicating through texting or social networks. This behavior proved to be very harmful, for several reasons; among them, the fact that a need for constant communication and control has been created. The worst thing is that this is nothing more than an empty communication, routine and not at all passionate; for this reason, it can lead to very dangerous misunderstandings for the value of trust.

3. Let go of the past

We have all lived through good and bad experiences that affect our present. Forgive yourself and others, and let go of negative feelings. The past is past; put away your past feelings and stop comparing the reality of the present with the previous one. It is right, from time to time, to pick up our backpack, to get rid of the useless and negative things it contains. We must be aware of the fact that what we do is strongly influenced by what we carry inside; therefore, it is extremely important to periodically undertake a new journey after renewing the equipment.

4. Use the right words

When it comes to love, there are magical words that open the heart. This does not mean that we must recite poetry to our partner daily, but that we must maintain understanding communication and a loving attitude at the basis of our relationship. It is very important that the "good mornings" do not succumb to the routine and that the "I love you" are always sincere and passionate. We must avoid getting carried away by anger and disrespect: this principle is fundamental and indispensable. Nothing and no one can justify aggressive and uncompromising behavior with their loved one.

5. Give what you want to receive and speak from the bottom of your heart

Affection and recognition of the other are other fundamental premises of relationships. Show your interest, make your partner laugh, give him love; by doing so, rest assured that you will receive the same things. These five tips will help you create a healthy and lasting relationship. Keep your goal in mind and don't forget that "the purpose of a relationship is to become the most romantic person you can be." (Robert Holden) Image courtesy of Pavinee Chareonpanich

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