5 tips for a healthy relationship

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5 tips for a healthy relationship

Last update: July 13, 2016

Love is a feeling, but this does not mean that it does not require effort and commitment. Love takes action, intention and openness for a relationship to survive. It is not enough to feel something, you have to live love, not take it for granted and not expect it to be enough to keep a relationship afloat.

For a long time, we have heard about the metaphor of love as a flower that needs to be watered regularly in order to survive and grow. It is a cliché, but it serves to explain a very important concept. If you water a plant a lot, it will drown, or if you water it the wrong way, the plant will suffer.

If you don't bother watering yourself, how will you water others? This is where we want to go: you cannot love another person without first loving yourself, you cannot expect from others what you do not give to yourself first.

Tips for a healthy relationship

Respect your partner and support their goals

This is the first key advice to make a couple survive in a healthy way, that is, respecting the other in a conscious way. We all like to know that we are necessary and useful, that our partner understands what we do and that they value and respect our decisions..

If in a couple there is no mutual respect between the partners, if the beliefs and values ​​of each are not reaffirmed, then the goal, the complicity and the enthusiasm are lost. Sometimes it is not easy to evade the influences that come from the outside, the judgments of those who, from the outside, see the situation from another point of view.

Understanding, appreciating, and supporting your partner in their life needs and goals are another way to show them respect and make them feel loved. For this reason, ask him frequently about his goals, his progress, his fears.

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