5 strategies to overcome an anxiety crisis

5 strategies to overcome an anxiety crisisAnxiety crises can be a traumatic experience. In fact, beyond the annoyance that the symptoms can cause, the real problem is given by the fear experienced by the person, but it is also the key to its solution. In fact, overcoming an anxiety attack is not as complicated as it seems. It is estimated that between 70 and 90% of people who undergo treatment learn to control their symptoms and even stop completely, some of them experiencing such episodes.However, the first step in overcoming panic attacks is to understand what are the mechanisms that produce them. Basically, anxiety crises or panic attacks are nothing more than an exaggerated response to an environmental stimulus. That is, at some point our mind considers that something is particularly dangerous and responds by activating all the body's defenses. At this point our rational mind is no longer our guide, it is the amygdala that now absorbs all our cognitive resources. and generates the need to escape, that typical feeling that people who suffer from an anxiety attack experience. At the same time, a series of hormones are generated which increase the heart rate, but which can also cause breathing difficulties and dizziness.These physiological responses are sensed by our brain which obviously establishes that we are in danger, so it later stimulates our own. fear generating what is known as: anticipatory anxiety; that is, we are not only afraid of what is happening to us, but also of the consequences. As you can see, this is a self-sustaining vicious circle and needs to be remedied.

How to overcome an anxiety attack?

1. Remembering that what you are feeling and experiencing can be frightening but not dangerous or harmful, your life is not at risk. You are just experiencing an overreaction. Repeat this concept in your mind. 2. Don't try to control your feelings, trying to control physiological reactions and emotions has been shown to be counterproductive because it only creates more stress and anxiety. So accept what you are experiencing, let yourself go. The sooner you relax, the faster the fear will disappear. 3. Don't focus on the consequences. Thinking of terrible consequences only adds fuel to the fire, instead, think that in a few minutes everything will be over. Think positively. Try to think of something positive, an immediate or long-term project, the important thing is not to adopt an attitude of hypervigilance and not to focus on the negative consequences. You can also count backwards or just focus on some interesting detail of the place you are in. 4. Breathe. If you can't think of something positive, a great strategy is to focus on your breathing. The key is not to breathe deeply, but to breathe more slowly and superficially. This exercise will help keep your mind clear and make your body get back to function faster.
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