5 strategies to feel satisfied with your work

5 strategies to feel satisfied with your work

When was the last time you went to bed on Sunday evening happy and aware that the next day was a Monday and you had to go to work? You probably don't remember it and, if you think about it, it might seem absurd, but the fact is that there are people who love their work so much that they feel pleasure at the very thought of doing it.

But what is special about people who are satisfied with their work?

Several studies in the field of Work Psychology give us clues that could be useful for us to feel more satisfied and motivated in our work.

  1. Personalize your work environment. Some people, especially those who are employed, do not always feel sufficiently satisfied with their work. So they strive to personalize the environment in which they work, a technique that in English is known as “job craft”, which means nothing more than doing everything to create a more pleasant work environment. In fact, a study conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan found that the employees who were most motivated and satisfied with their work were those who had some freedom in carrying out their business and could also customize the area. of work.
  1. Appreciate the bright side of stress. When workers learn to appreciate the positive aspects of stress, they feel not only more satisfied with their work, but also more relaxed, confident and more productive. Understanding stress as something negative creates even more tension beyond what already exists and plunges us into a vicious circle from which it is difficult to get out. But if we consider that stress is an opportunity to test our abilities, this change in mentality will also positively affect our way of dealing with life.
  1. Learn to deal with pessimism. It has been shown that people who have an optimistic attitude tend to feel naturally oriented towards solutions and, as a result, gain more control over the environment. In fact, those who think that peace always comes after the storm cope better with adversity and are able to divide the different areas of their life so that personal problems do not interfere with work and vice versa. Approaching the job with an optimistic attitude will positively affect your results.
  1. Stay focused on the goal. The people who perform the best on the work front are not usually the smartest (in terms of intelligence from the traditional point of view), but those who are able to set goals and stay focused on them, even during the course. weather. A very interesting study conducted at the West Point Military Cadet Academy revealed that the cadets who achieved the highest rank in their career were not the most athletic, strong or intelligent, but the most tenacious; in short, the most persevering. Today, in fact, many of the major companies operating in the world choose their employees by evaluating their ability to compromise and be persevering, characteristics that take priority over the intelligence quotient.
  1. Be effective. Often people who are unhappy with their jobs tend to procrastinate, put off tasks, and let them pile up. Thus, work becomes a real daily headache. But as you gradually start practicing the most effective habits, not only will you notice that working will be easier and more attractive, but you will also feel more confident and have more time for yourself. Gradually, you will find that you are even more creative and will want to take on new challenges.

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