5 steps to heal women's wounds

5 steps to heal women's wounds

5 steps to heal women's wounds

Last update: July 15, 2015

Since we were born, we women often see ourselves forced to play the role of the "victim" that society imposes on us, preventing us from healing the wounds that have made us suffer.

Indeed, women face a great deal of injustice and free pain simply for being women. We get to accumulate such an amount of negative emotions to assimilate the pain, letting it become part of our daily life, our life and our deepest self.

And it is for this reason that it is necessary to give a shake to our heart to make it stand up and be able to cure it of all that we have accumulated up to now.

First step: find the wound

What once made us happy never goes away. Everything we deeply love becomes part of us - Bernardo Stamateas

She looks in the mirror and does not recognize herself, she knows that something hurts her, something that is deeply rooted. On his face there are the signs of suffering, anguish and pain, due to a wound that he does not want to see, even though he knows it is there.

This type of woman can get up every morning and eat the world, perhaps because she considers that it is the only way not to think about her pain. She or she sometimes gets up and has a "no" day: in these cases that sadness without explanation of her disorients and paralyzes her, making life weigh so much more.

In this case, we need to investigate our soul and look for that pain we don't want to think about. The injured woman must ask herself questions and find the right answers.

Second step: become aware of the depth of the wound.

Sometimes what we need is not a bright mind to talk to us, but a patient heart to listen to us.

Our wounds, in addition to hurting us, limit us. And, the deeper they are, the more they limit us. It doesn't matter how long we've been carrying that wound with us: we have to find a way to talk about it, get rid of it and throw out what we had kept inside until today.

We need someone who listens to us, be it a friend, a relative, our partner or a professional who acts as a "doctor of the soul", who offers us a chance to calm down, free ourselves, a balm that soothes the anxiety that our pain causes us.

Third step: disinfect the wound

This is the most painful step. Draining our pain and disinfecting our soul will burn us. It consists of bringing out what we carry inside, no matter how ugly or inappropriate it seems to us.

The wounds of the soul are full of pain, anger, frustration, insecurity, loneliness, betrayal, abandonment, misunderstanding, sadness, desires, deceptions, faults, one's own or others, which have made them more and more painful.

For this, once we have identified our emotions and feelings, we can no longer allow them to continue living within us. You can cry rivers of tears if you need them. Crying is always a good way to get the pain out. Shut up in silence, go crazy, tear up letters, punch a pillow… But always do it by condemning your suffering to death, without discounts.

Fourth step: close the wound

Some women hope that something will change and as nothing changes, they change. - André Lorde

Close your wound, don't let anything else get in. Close it and sew it up tightly, because you can't allow it to tear again.

Use a good needle and arm yourself with the thread of renewalor. We want to put all the pieces back together so that, looking in the mirror, you can smile again at that cheerful, lively and innovative woman.. A woman without masks, without the abyss of internal pain.

Fifth step: join the Scar Club.

We don't understand how much a wound is hurting us, until it stops hurting.

It is important to remember forever that, once upon a time, something broke within us, which marked a before and after in your life. Many women carry their scars with them throughout their lives.

So don't be ashamed, but join the group of women who have healed. Look within yourself every day and cultivate the ability to do new things that energize you and rejuvenate your emotional skin.

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