5 signs to understand if we are living the right relationship

5 signs to understand if we are living the right relationship

Last update: Augusts 07, 2015

Have you ever wondered if you are living the right relationship with your partner? I confess that this uncertainty has been buzzing in my head for weeks, so I wondered “will there be other people in this situation? Is this normal in relationships? "

Most people are aware of the fact that maintaining a relationship is not easy, but a few question whether they are in the right relationship or not.

What are the signs that we are in the right relationship?

Every couple relationship is unique, each of the two components has personal and unrepeatable traits and different tastes. The secret to living together and growing together with the half you love means learning to understand, respect and manage differences and preserve similarities, all to strengthen the relationship. We must learn to make plans together, to work as a team, to tolerate and to commit.

There is no fear. The Achilles heel of any relationship between human beings is fear: if in our relationship we do not feel any kind of fear either from us or from our partner, this is the signal that we are living the correct relationship. In this case, emotions contrary to fear are experienced, such as security, happiness and tranquility.

In bad relationships, the opposite happens: we are invaded by insecurity and fear. If you live in a relationship where you constantly doubt your partner, their commitment and their sincerity, it means that your relationship is rotten or, if nothing else, that it needs very profound changes.

Real trust. This signal it is the pillar of any right relationship. When there is trust between two people who love each other, the feeling that is generated is indescribable. This key element, trust, should exist long before the relationship begins, because without it it is impossible to achieve a solid commitment in the couple.

If you often sneak peeks at your his / her cell phone and don't trust them completely, your relationship is unlikely to work and move forward in a positive way.

I once experienced such a situation and, believe me, it makes absolutely no sense to continue sharing your life with someone who continually embitters you, due to a lack of trust in you. "Why should I maintain a relationship where I suffer and live the opposite of what love is?" After asking myself this question, I never made the same mistake again and I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that I will never again experience a circumstance of this type.

Our he / she sacrifices himself for us. We are not talking about an extreme or vital sacrifice, but a small and daily sacrifice, like that of drawing together a life project in which the needs of both can be respected. We are talking about leaving room for the habits and uses of each of the two.

Loving means knowing how to share and give the best of ourselves, wishing each other the good. If you feel that no such details are given importance in your relationship, you are probably not having the right relationship.

We keep our identity. Unfortunately, it is extremely easy for you to develop a relationship of emotional dependence, a sign that you are in the wrong relationship. Sharing your life and heart with another person doesn't mean you have to lose your identity.

A good relationship is born after learning to keep your individuality alive and to show respect for the other, so that neither of you has to lose their personality., nor should he stop connecting with his friends or pursuing the hobbies he loves. If you are mutually respecting your differences, you are in the right relationship.

Even the discussions are positive. Here's another secret of good relationships: quarrels, however heated, must always contain a essential ingredient, that is mutual respect. If this is how your discussions take place, you will see that there will always be a happy ending and both of you will find the solution to the dispute.

If, on the other hand, your fights are tragic, negative, and toxic, you should ask yourself whether or not it is worth continuing to be with this person. Simply ask yourself "Why?" You are probably living in a toxic relationship, where your feelings are preventing your reasonableness from emerging.

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