5 reasons to include peas in your diet

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There are those who know them only for the fairy tale of the well-known princess, those who never use them, those who "put legumes in the air" and those who would eat them for lunch and dinner.

Now they made us 100% pasta as well. Let's talk about peas, legumes with a delicate taste that also appeal to many children ... of all ages. 

Tastes aside, there are many excellent reasons to include peas in our diet, or to start tasting them. Are 5 enough for you?

Here are 5 reasons to include peas in your diet and enjoy their benefits.


1. They reduce bloating

The peas, as well as the Fava beans and lentils, given the composition of their peel, they are legumes whose consumption is also suitable to those suffering from meteorism and colitis (in the non-acute phase), which usually get worse with legumes.

Recall that legumes do not like "intestinal tourism", which is better eat consistently to accustom our body to their consumption and avoid the unpleasant side effects.


2. They optimize blood sugar

Peas are very useful for people suffering from diabetes as they help to hold blood sugar levels under control, when they are included in a well-balanced meal. In fact, peas help to maintainconstant blood sugar levels, avoiding the sudden rise in blood sugar, especially in people who suffer from - or are at risk of - diabetes.

3. They contain chlorophyll

The beautiful green color of peas is given by their high content in chlorophyll, a plant substance now considered a "super food", which, among other advantages, stimulates our body to produce red blood cells. The production of red blood cells is also improved thanks to the high content of folic acid and vitamin B6 of the peas.

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4. They are allies of those on a diet

Peas have one low in fat, therefore they can also be inserted in low calorie diets, in the form of fresh peas, since dried peas contain a lot more calories, and possess important diuretic properties. Given their contribution in maintaining a constant blood sugar level, they also help maintain a sense of satiety for longer.


5. They are very rich in minerals and vitamins

The wealth of peas is in folic acid and other vitamins, among which C stands out, and minerals, above all potassium, magnesium, iron and calcium, present mainly in the pods, which we can use to prepare rich and healthy vegetable broths.

Beware of peas in your diet if ...

In case of gotta: the high presence of purines in fact makes them contraindicated in cases of gout and for hyperuricemics;

If you eat them raw: cooking is necessary in order to digest them, as they contain raw ingredients antidigestive substances


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