5 habits of people with emotional intelligence

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In recent years there has been a lot of talk about emotional intelligence as it is a key factor not only for being successful professionally, but also in the field of interpersonal relationships and to enjoy a full life. However, what sets emotionally intelligent people apart from the rest?

1. They don't get lost in words, they act

Talking is important. Indeed, it is vital to conclude an agreement, to consolidate relationships with people and also to feel good about yourself. However, after the words there must come the deeds. People with a high level of emotional intelligence don't just talk, they also practice what they say. This proactive trend makes them more reliable in the eyes of others, they are perceived as people you can count on.

2. They keep focused on the final goal

One of the main reasons people fail in their work or personal life is because they often pile up too many tasks to do in a tight time frame. But emotionally intelligent people not only know how to break down goals into lots of small tasks, they are also able to keep themselves motivated to the end.

This allows them to focus all their energy on the really important things while ignoring the rest. So they don't get too tired and interpersonal relationships don't suffer. These people have very clear goals and they know the path to follow to achieve them.

3. They express their feelings assertively

We grew up in a repressive society, as children we were taught to hide our emotions or ignore them, as if they didn't exist. However, emotional intelligence is all about understanding how we feel and learning to express it more assertively. The ideal would be not to hide negative emotions, but to learn how to channel them. People who manage to do this are able to express what they want without being trampled by others but at the same time show themselves respectful and lovable.

4. They get rid of toxic thoughts

Emotionally intelligent people know how to feed on positive energy by keeping those who behave like "garbage trucks" at a distance. In addition, they constantly monitor their feelings and get rid of negative emotions.

They are also able to detect counterproductive negative thoughts and quickly put an end to them. We could say that these people are able to keep their "mental archive" clean, eliminating all the useless waste that could cause stress, anxiety or depression.

5. They stay connected

The fact that a relationship comes to an end does not mean that the bridge that connects us to that person should be destroyed. Emotionally intelligent people strive to maintain the connections they made in the past and make sure that separations or arguments don't leave a bad taste in the other person's mouth. In this way they often find themselves having many friends, who are available to help them when they need it most.

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