5 gifts from HSPs

    5 gifts from HSPsWhen we look in the mirror and see that we are different from others, we are assailed by fear. One gets confused and thousands of questions arise: Why am I different? Why do I see things differently? Why do things bother me that others don't even consider? Why am I not comfortable? Highly Sensitive People, who represent about 20% of the population, are aware of this sentiment. From childhood they realize that they are different from others because they have a particular sensitivity that can sometimes become a heavy cross because it creates many problems in interpersonal relationships. Highly Sensitive People are those who react intensely to environmental stimuli. Being hypersensitive, situations that go unnoticed by others are very annoying and can also cause physical symptoms such as dizziness or headache. Bright lights, some sounds, some materials and smells, as well as clutter, can trigger exaggerated reactions in them. Of course, this sensitivity extends to all areas of their life and can make the person feel misunderstood. Also, being exposed to so many stimuli all the time can make them irritable, so it's not uncommon for interpersonal relationships to be affected.Some areas of these people's brains are known to work differently. A study conducted at the University of California revealed that areas of the brain associated with consciousness, emotions and empathy receive substantially higher blood flow than that found in the brains of people with reduced sensitivity. This indicates that these areas react more intensely to stimuli, triggering an excessive response, but there is no reason to be discouraged, being a HSP also has its advantages. In fact, being different isn't better or worse, it just means that you need to learn how to harness your strengths.
    1. The gift of emotional knowledgeFrom childhood, HSPs begin to see the world with a mixture of curiosity and anxiety. Their eyes are able to capture small details that go unnoticed by others, such as the grimace that denotes frustration in the teacher when they answered incorrectly or the expression of concern on their mother's face. a special talent for detecting micro expressions that betray the feelings of others. Understanding the emotions of others makes us more vulnerable to their pain, it's true, but it also puts us in a unique position to help them. This ability also represents a compass that allows us to better orient our behavior in social contexts.The trick is to learn to take an emotional distance and not give too much weight to the emotions of others. In fact, it is likely that on more than one occasion they have told you: "the problem is that you are too sensitive". And it is true, you are more vulnerable, but you also have a greater emotional awareness, you are a more empathic person who easily puts himself in the shoes of others and connects deeply with his "me".
    2. The gift of intuitive intelligenceHSPs have a strong intuition. This is because they are able to capture a greater amount of detail from the environment and give it a coherent sense to extract the most likely conclusion. This is an automatic process, they don't need to think about it, just feel, their subconscious does the rest.These people find it harder to make conscious decisions because they often feel overwhelmed by the amount of options and are unable to analyze them one by one. a. Very often they should just listen to their intuition. Intuitive intelligence is a skill that we all have at birth, but which we lose over time, crushed as it is by the weight of eminently rational training. So, don't miss this gift and listen more to what your heart tells you.
    3. The gift of knowing how to enjoy solitudeMost HSPs take pleasure in solitude. They are not hermits, but they love to spend time alone to pursue their hobbies or just to think. In a society where everyone is running around and trying to fill time with work or useless activities, just because they don't want to be alone with themselves, the gift of knowing how to enjoy solitude is rare. your "I". You can dig inside to get to know yourself better, to know what you really want. A person who knows how to be alone with himself is a mature person, who is not afraid of his thoughts and emotions.Learning to be alone, without being assailed by boredom and without the morbid need to have someone close or something to fill. the existential void is a gift that is priceless. Don't waste it trying to fit into society, because knowing how to relate to yourself is as important as doing it with others.
    4. The gift of living intenselyHSPs live intensely, with the heart. They do not constantly seek those activities that generate adrenaline, they are not very fond of change and risk, but they enjoy a rich inner life.These people have the ability to live every emotion intensely, so they can live a relationship without reservations, they compromise themselves to the right causes and enjoy the small details that are insignificant to others, such as a sunset, a song or a painting. little details. Without a doubt this is an exceptional gift, especially in a society where many people have become addicted to strong stimuli, always dissatisfied and looking for new sensations to fill the emptiness of their lives.
    5. The gift of personal growthWe all have the ability to grow emotionally, but the high sensitivity of HSPs makes it easier for them to walk. In fact, while most people tend to withdraw into their comfort zone, which gets tighter and tighter over the years, HSPs embark on an inner journey to get to know each other better and change. For this reason they are often associated with “old souls.” These people are more inclined to look inward, to connect emotionally with others and appreciate the details that surround them. Therefore, once they have overcome the initial phase, characterized by the frustration deriving from realizing that they are different, they can embark on a journey to rediscover their “I”. Therefore, do not waste this gift. Find your own balance and embark on the journey, the things you discover about yourself will be wonderful.
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