5 foods to fight diabetes

Diabetes is a disease linked to a malfunction of the metabolism. It occurs when, for genetic reasons or linked to weight gain or infections, the circulating glucose in the blood exceeds normal values ​​(70 and 110 mg / dl) causing an insulin deficiency. A healthy diet against diabetes it should not contain foods with a high glycemic index (such as bread, pasta, honey and sugar) and should always be associated with proper physical activity. Let's find out what are the 5 useful foods against diabetes. 


When you are talking about diabetes prevention, a balanced diet and a daily dose of exercise are very important, but the key to addressing the problem may be in the food you eat. Studies have shown that nibble on nutritious whole foods rather than highly processed foods rich in sugar, salt and fat, it helps to avoid the highs and lows in blood sugar levels. Of course no food is a panacea, but these five are indeed powerful weapons capable of fighting diabetes.



Have fun with this whole grain. The beta-glucan found in oats doubles the health benefits. To begin with, eat oatmeal helps keep bad LDL cholesterol low, reducing the risk of heart disease.

It also slows down the absorption of glucose from food, keeping blood sugar levels in check. Ultimately, oatmeal helps reduce appetite and it can help you lose excess weight.

Make sure you eat unsweetened oatmeal; for more flavor, sprinkle it with a pinch of cinnamon and a few walnuts.  


5 foods to fight diabetes



The benefits of eating beans (of any kind) are amazing. Beans are virtually fat-free, digest slowly, and provide a winning combination of carbohydrates, lean proteins and soluble fiber high quality, which help prevent blood sugar spikes and keep hunger under control.

Canned beans should always be rinsed under running water to reduce the amount of sodium. Then mix them in salads, soups, stews or chili.


5 foods to fight diabetes



Salmon is an important source of protein, which cause no more blood sugar spikes than carbohydrates. Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids useful for heart health, which help prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Stay away from breaded or fried salmon or you'll nullify the health benefits.


5 foods to fight diabetes



Almonds provide a mix of protein, heart-healthy fats, fiber and magnesium. Studies have shown that the magnesium contained in almonds, which is important for carbohydrate metabolism, can be instrumental in reducing the risk of diabetes by 33 percent.

Others foods rich in magnesium are pumpkin seeds, spinach and chard.


5 foods to fight diabetes



Barley is a whole grain cereal it is rich in beta-glucan, fiber and magnesium which lower cholesterol. Barley is also the richest grain in chromium, a trace element that helps control the level of glucose in the blood.

Look for pearl barley, which is the most common type, and use it in any recipe as a substitute for rice.


5 foods to fight diabetes


Fonte: 5 Foods that Fight Diabetes di Jodie Shield 


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