5 foods against hair loss

Turnover means, more or less, replacement. In our body the replacement takes place at any time of cells or old parts with other new and more functional ones: let's think of the skin, nails, or… ai hair.

To lose up to a hundred hairs per day it is normal and physiological and is part of the hair life cycle, which includes growth, fall and then regrowth.

However, when hair loss is frequent and concerns whole locks, can be a symptom of a deeper malaise: stress, frequent use of chemicals or hot tools such as hairdryer, iron and straightener, pathologies or hormonal disorders.

Hair must have to grow a healthy skin and all the molecules essential for their "construction" are available that is vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin E, cystine and lysine, which are the components of keratin (the structure of the hair).

Once the cause of hair loss has been defined, perhaps together with a good dermatologist, help regrowth with adequate nutrition e increase the consumption of the 5 foods to combat hair loss.


1. Eggs against hair loss

The eggs are an important source of a source of protein and biotin (Vitamin H or B7, molecule essential for the formation of the hair), facilitate the production of keratin and sulfur (which improves the circulation of the scalp).

Eggs have a high content in Vitamin A, which contributes to the well-being of the scalp skin and can also be used to make restorative packs to put directly on the hair.

Equally rich in protein and biotin are meat, fish and cheeses.

5 foods against hair loss


2. Beans against hair loss

The beans (but also chickpeas, peas, lentils and soy) contain a good amount of proteins, iron, zinc and biotin.

Le vegetable proteins they are free of saturated fat, and therefore are also good for the heart ...


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5 foods against hair loss


3. Walnuts against hair loss

The walnuts they contain high quantities of Omega 3 and Selenium: Omega 3 helps to decrease inflammation and are excellent antioxidants that fight the aging of the cells of the hair bulbs, while Selenium helps the regeneration of cell membranes. 

5 foods against hair loss


4. Swiss chard against hair loss

Beets contain in large quantities vitamin A and vitamin C, essential for the production of sebo. Sebum is the oily substance produced by the hair follicles essential for hair growth; the lack of adequate sebum production can be the cause of damage to the follicles and consequent hair loss.

5 foods against hair loss


5. Strawberries against hair loss

Strawberries have a high content in Vitamin C: , antioxidant that stimulates the production of collagen, a primary component of the hair structure.

5 foods against hair loss


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