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    5 daily habits that damage the couple relationship

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    A relationship is full of happy and unforgettable moments, but if you think about it, over the years it's the little everyday situations that make all the difference. It is in the course of the day and through our habits that we shape our relationship, we can strengthen it and make it grow or, on the contrary, we can destroy it. So if we want the relationship to work it is important to beware of habits.The main problem is that habits are automatic behaviors that we do not think too much about, but can destroy love and give rise to disillusionment. In fact, many of these habits are not even ours, they are role models that we have acquired from our parents or that we have absorbed from the environment in which we live. In this way, habits often become a silent enemy that kills the relationship without us realizing it.

    1. Neglecting subtleties

    Sometimes we are much friendlier to people we don't know than to our partner. Little by little we forget to say "good morning" and "good night", we avoid asking for things with a "please" and we never say "thank you". It is worth remembering that this is not a simple rule of courtesy, but to make married life more enjoyable, to continue to show respect for the partner and that we value him.

    2. Perpetuating habits that are unpleasant for each other

    When it comes to living together, some simple habits like leaving the coffee cup in the bedroom, leaving dirty dishes in the sink, or leaving the toilet seat up can all contribute to undermining the relationship. In fact, these little habits take on another dimension when there is a serious problem and often tip the scales against us. If your partner told you on that occasion that they don't like some of your behaviors, following with them is like telling them that their opinion doesn't matter and you aren't willing to change to improve your relationship.

    3. Being unreliable

    If there is anything devastating in a relationship, it is the loss of trust. And this doesn't start with the classic infidelity, but with the small details, like always being late for appointments, forgetting commitments or saying that something will be done and then not keeping the promise given. A relationship is based on mutual trust, the other person needs to know that they can count on your support and that they can trust you, otherwise the breakup can be just around the corner.

    4. Maintain superficial communication

    We need to talk about our feelings and conflicts every day, but if the communication in the couple is simply based on trivial topics, time will play its part on both sides by alienating both and turning them into complete strangers. Remember that for a relationship to work it is not enough to feel mutual attraction, it is also important to have common interests and not hesitate to talk about anything, especially what concerns us closely.

    5. Don't consider the other when making decisions

    When we take a step to start a relationship many of the decisions we make, directly or indirectly, end up influencing the other person, so it would make more sense to decide together. This will also show the partner that their opinion is important and that we value it. When you create the habit of making decisions unilaterally, little by little cracks will be created and the path of both will progressively separate until the day comes when coexistence becomes unbearable.

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