5 cereal salads for weight loss

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Cold pasta and rice are all the rage this season. But if instead of the classics cereals refined uses those integrals, do a favor too line.

Research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition pointed out that they help you stay slim because they are high in fiber that saziano and slow down the assimilation of starches contained in the grains. “And then they contribute to keep the intestines in order. Compared to "white" cereals, then, whole grains are more nutritious and provide greater quantities of proteins, vitamins and minerals ", explains the doctor. Evelina , specialist in food science.


If the problem is the belly swells, barley may be the most suitable cereal for you. «Contains proteins and beta glucan which reduce the absorption of sugars. It also promotes a soothing action in the intestine, which is very useful for those suffering from colitis and fermentation », says Dr. . It is nutritious, rich in potassium, phosphorus, vitamin E and B vitamins. It is also easy to digest.

Wellnessquad recommends: boil the whole barley (it takes about 40 minutes. But you can prepare it the night before and store it in the refrigerator), let it cool, then add your favorite vegetables and some aromatic herbs. The extra touch? A couple of handfuls of goji berries, rehydrated first for a few minutes in warm water. They are a useful source of antioxidants.


It is one of the lightest cereals, along with spelled (and if you came up with pizzoccheri, remember that they are heavy because of the condiments). «Buckwheat is useful for summer lower gastric tension, typical in those who eat and drink ice creams or frozen drinks in a hurry », says the expert. This cereal is also a lot digestible.

Wellnessquad advises: quickly sauté a couple of courgettes with a little shallot and some pitted Taggiasca olives. Use this mix to season the boiled and cooled buckwheat and add a little feta (or primosale if you prefer) in chunks. Finish the dish with fresh mint leaves.


This cereal is particularly rich in protein (it contains almost twice as much as wheat), so it is also useful for muscles. "We hear that einkorn, an ancient variety of wheat, has a very low gluten content, but it is not suitable for those with gluten intolerance problems or celiac disease», Adds the expert.

Wellnessquad recommends: try the spelled salad with grilled vegetables (peppers, courgettes, aubergines), some diced cherry tomatoes, chunks of tofu and lots of fresh basil.


With little sodium and a lot of potassium, brown rice is useful against water retention and cellulite for its properties draining. "It is one of the best tolerated and most balanced foods from a nutritional point of view and is suitable for celiacs", comments the expert.

Wellnessquad recommends: for a colorful and even more nutritious salad, mix it with Venus rice very rich in iron and red rice, useful for normalizing cholesterol and triglyceride levels. And season the mix with fresh peas, green beans, seafood, a sprinkle of organic lemon zest.


Oats are one of the cereals with the lowest glycemic index. «This parameter indicates the speed with which the sugars contained in the food cause the glycemia in the blood, a mechanism that promotes weight gain. In fact it is very rich in fibers, which also keep the intestine active ”explains Dr. .

Wellnessquad recommends: boil oats and edamame soybeans. Once cold, season everything with chopped dried tomatoes in oil and chopped almonds.

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