5 categories of bad friends

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5 categories of bad friends

Last update: October 01, 2015

Have you also noticed that the more we grow, the more our list of friends gets smaller? Don't worry, it's a completely normal and even healthy phenomenon.

Know that this it doesn't happen because you are antisocial or bad friends. This phenomenon occurs because the more we grow and mature, the more our priorities and needs change. Sometimes it happens that, due to lack of time, we tend to focus on the people who really interest us and from whom we can draw something positive.

Today we will talk about you 5 types of "bad friends", so that you can learn to recognize if they are part of your life. If so, the news probably won't cause you any major problems at the moment, but rest assured that you will stay away from them and sever all relationships with them, once and for all.

What are the 5 categories of bad friends?

- The best one of you in everything. The friend who never compliments you or shows himself happy for you. Stimulating and beautiful things or situations could happen to you, such as getting a job, being able to pay for the new house, being happy with your partner ... Yet this person she will never stop listing moments in her life that, according to her, are much better than your experiences.

These people are also recognized by their inability to listen to your concerns. It doesn't matter if you are going through a more or less negative period; their situation will always be worse than yours, however. This category of friends is characterized by a strong competitive nature and insecurity; staying by their side will therefore do you nothing but harm.

A true friend will always be happy with your goals, and will listen to your concerns with empathy. He will always try to help you improve and grow.

- The one who always has problems. It does not matter that his life, his relationships or his financial situation are perfect. This person will always be listless and will get down on nothing. These people tend to consider yourself miserable, they complain about everything constantly and because of this they will make you feel bad. Their very existence is a tragedy for them.

They are negative people and will never listen to you if you try to make them understand that they are overreacting.

Their social modus operandi consists in create continuous quarrels, getting others to reaffirm their concerns about them.

Usually, the last thing you need in life is a person who makes us feel bad all the time, like we don't have enough worries already.. We would only come out even more stressed.

- The one that always makes you feel guilty. This friend refuses to grow up and live their life, blaming yourself if you decide not to participate in any situation that requires personal commitment, whether it is because of lack of desire or because you are not feeling well.

The fact that your friend does not have a personal life of his own does not mean that you do not have the right to live yours as you wish.

Never feel guilty. Any person who proves unable to understand your personal needs will never understand you, and the barrier that will be created will cause continuous emotional conflicts between you.

- The one who never has money. It is good not to confuse this category with friends who work a lot, but who, due to some personal / family problem, find themselves in difficulty from an economic point of view. Even in difficult situations, if they're really your friends, they won't mind offering you a beer from time to time.

We talk about those instead friends whose financial constraints are always tied to factors external to them. They also, despite having no money, they don't try to find a way to change the situation. The downside to having these kinds of friends is that you will probably always end up paying yourself.

These friends are around you only for selfish purposes, and frankly, none of us need such a person to be comfortable in life.

- The one who never stops gossiping. They are people who they cannot help but judge and point out anyone who turns around them. Even worse is when their criticisms refer to actions that they themselves have done in the past.

If he talks to you, rest assured that he will talk about you later. This way of being is typical of both women and men. Whatever you tell these people will be transformed into gossip that will be reported to others in an increasingly morbid way.

Everyone likes to surround themselves with people who allow them to feel free to confide in each other, and these people are by no means suitable for that purpose. It is normal for one of your best friends to tell you some gossip from time to time, but if this habit persists, it is probably a person with no personality or desire to do good in this life.

Friends measure themselves for quality, not for the quantity. Make sure you take stock of your friendships at least once in your life; share with others the experience and sense of freedom that you will feel once you have completed it.

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