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Do you have little self-confidence? Here is a list of 5 books that will help you improve your self-esteem.

"A well-chosen book saves you from everything, even yourself."

Daniel Pennac.

If this is not the first time you happen to be on GetPersonalGrowth, you will surely have already read in some articles that to reach your goals and be successful in life, you cannot miss a good dose of self esteem.

This doesn't mean becoming a presumptuous person, but at the same time not having faith in yourself means living life with the handbrake on.

What I want you to understand is that self-esteem will not fall from heaven like a boon ready to solve all of life's problems. But I have good news for you: self-esteem is something you can build and nurture, step by step.

Precisely for this reason I want to advise you 5 books to improve your self-esteem.

I recommend, this does not mean that just reading them to burst self-esteem from all pores. The real secret is action. Try to apply the concepts and strategies little by little, the benefits will not be long in coming.

So let's see how to increase self-esteem thanks to these books.

Emotional intelligence

"Emotional intelligence" di Daniel Goleman it is a real must for all those who want to understand and improve themselves.

Un international bestseller which has changed the way we look at intelligence.

Daniel Goleman has taught psychology at Harvard, collaborates with the New York Times and is one of the best known consultants globally.

In this book you will find a lot of information about the importance of emotional components in your life and you will discover why to be successful you need to find a delicate balance between empathy, self-control, constancy.

Developing emotional intelligence is a fundamental step in improving your self-esteem, a complex concept that Goleman manages to illustrate with simple and captivating language.

In short, strategic recommended!

It doesn't matter to want, but to want to count

Speaking of international bestsellers, here is a worthy representative: "It doesn't matter to want, but to want to count " di Paul Arden.

This little book, to be devoured in a single evening, contains many concepts, notions and ideas to be able to make the most of your skills.

It is a must-read for all people who have repeatedly given up on taking even small steps in life for fear of not being up to par.

I especially recommend this book to all "shy".

Shyness can be a big problem when it becomes a brake on your aspirations or when, even worse, it is so ingrained that it negatively affects your motivation and important decisions.

The book will allow you to understand how "launch "into new adventures, overcome mental blocks and take advantage of any situation as if it were a stepping stone.

A book that opens the mind, to be reread several times even after some time to draw ever new and stimulating ideas.

It is a purchase that I recommend above all to all those who struggle to find time to read but want to immediately start a path of personal growth. A simple and immediate style, with incisive phrases that remain etched in the mind.

The seven rules to be successful

THEesteem it is essential to face the changes without too many worries and worries.

Considering that we are living in a context where everything changes faster and faster, it follows that self-esteem can really make a difference as never before.

Well, the best known book on how to deal with change scenarios is certainly "The 7 rules to be successful " di Stephen R. Covey.

Very practical and easy to consult, it is a real development path that will gradually accompany you until you get the results you want.

A path that I suggest you tackle with an open mind, ready to accept paradigms that, perhaps, so far you have not been able or wanted to take into consideration.

In the pages of this indispensable volume you will discover how to build your personal success and renew yourself day after day to face all kinds of challenges that life will put before you.

A book that should never be missing in the library of a person interested in self-improvement. Will you also be among the 25 million (!) Readers who bought it?

The strength of fragility

Brené Brown is a Texan researcher who is a worldwide expert on issues such as fragility, shame, courage and authenticity.

In this book, Brown talks about the importance of being vulnerable, precisely in a society like today's that continually pushes us to create ever heavier armor so as not to risk being crushed.

A method based on the results of a research in which this talented psychologist has collected and analyzed the testimonies of managers, artists, teachers and families who have brilliantly overcome a failure or a heavy disappointment.

If you liked these books, here you will find a nice list of personal growth books, all to give and give yourself!

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